Ferrar Park Tennis Center in Singapore

If you are addicted to tennis or just have a fascination for this sport then by opting for the nation of Singapore to spend your vacation with your friends, family or close associates you have taken the best decision as it offers tennis sporting facilities that would take you by surprise, in the sense that the services that the tennis centers of this nation offers are of relatively high standard and would arouse in you the desire to visit this center more than once. The Ferrar Park Tennis Center in Singapore is one of the most famed center of this nation.

The Ferrar Park Tennis Center in Singapore is one of the centers of this nation that would not disappoint you at all as far as the facilities and the services are concerned. You can invite your friends or family members or close associates or colleagues to accompany you on your trip to this center.

This sport also offers you with the scope to relax and chill after a tiring or a hectic day but you can also opt for this sport as far as recreation purposes are concerned. This tennis center was introduced to the residents of this nation in the year 1975 on the 1st of April. It remains open daily for thirteen hours that is from 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm and therefore you can opt to make a trip to this court at any time of the day. Special mention needs to be made of the lighting facilities.

Stated here is the address of this tennis center, which is:
Ferrar Park Tennis
1 Rutland Road
Singapore 218252

Given below is the telephone number, which is:

Telephone Number: 6299 41266

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