Agro Technology Parks in Singapore

Singapore is ranked globally amongst one of the strongest economy. With massive urbanization and industrialization Singapore has witnessed significant loss of agricultural land. Making room for burgeoning population, growing industries and additional factories, more houses- agricultural land has practically disappeared from the 225 square mile land. Once known for its coconut and rubber plantation, Singapore witnessed a steep fall in flora and fauna of the state.

Agriculture forms a very small part of Singapore's GDP owing to limited resources Singapore has. To capitalize on the limited land dedicated for agriculture, Singapore’s Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) took a step increase agriculture output within limited resources by turning towards agro technology practices.

Agro technology is an amalgamation of modern technology and intensive farming practices to yield better output. Life sciences play a massive role in increasing produce via agrotechnology.

To improve the situation of agriculture produce AVA in 1986, took some giant steps in capitalizing resources by launching a 3 step mechanism in Agro technology Programme. This included - designing of Agro technology parks which would allow intensive farming with contemporary technology practices. Apart from investing in agro technology, AVA also laid great deal of stress on agri-biotechnology, i.e., expertise of molecular biology science in large-scale farming. AVA also clearly charted the plan development & promotion of Agro technology parks in Singapore to divert investments towards the industry to drive better and sustainable growth.

There are in all 6 agrotechnology parks in Singapore. These are high tech farming estates, and are located at Murai, Nee Soon, Lim Chu Kang, Mandai, Sungei Tengah, and Loyang. These 6 agrotechnology parks in Singapore cover an area of forteen hundred and sixty five hectares.

Almost an area of 700 ha have been allocated to atleast 200 farms in these parks to encourage the production of vegetables, livestock, fruits, eggs, the breeding of birds, milk, food fish, etc., along with boosting the growth of flowering plants, aquatic plants etc. Amalgamation of beauty and technology for a purpose to increase productivity in produce makes these Agra technology parks a must visit for tourists, it is sure to enthrall visitors by its fascinating concept.

Owing to the intensive updated and advanced hi-tech farming practices, Singapore has been able to formulate exports of their yields to other neighboring countries! Such was the effect of Farming in Agra Tech parks that now Singapore is able to enter the large and competitive Asian market of exports of agriculture produce.

AVA promises “Learning Journeys”

Ministry of Education, Singapore lays stress on “Learning Journeys” where small excursions of school students with their teachers can help them learn better and beyond the text books. Practical application of life science in these agrotechnology parks will stir interest in science studies, enrich the educational experience, and make them understand better what they have learn in text books.

“Learnning Journey” thus is an initiative to broaden horizons, and make studies appear interesting. AVA and many other institutes are contributing towards making this journey an enriching one.

One can visit the Agrotechnology Parks between morning 8:30 am to noon, and at a given time, any number of pax between 40-90 are allowed in a group when visiting in school excursions.

These visits will help students to understand the application of tropical hydroponic science and technology, and research based studies in farming, and how it can help yield better and more produce.

When on a vacation with family to Singapore do grab an opportunity to visit the agrotechnology parks for your children to understand the miracle of science.

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