Wild Wild Wet Water park in Singapore

You can simply relax and spend some leisure hours during the summer days with your family and friends in this splendid water park. The park promises all types of fun and enjoyment to the visitors. Inside the park, all types of monetary transactions are carried out via a particular kind of card called funkey.

Attractions and Rides at Wild Wild Wet, Singapore

Check out some of the rides at Wild Wild Wet in Singapore.
  • Ular-Lah: Ular-Lah is regarded as Southeast Asiaís first raft slide. Those who love adventure and want an adrenalin rush can enjoy this waterfall ride with five other members.

  • The Waterworks: Knock your way through wild turnings and curves at The Waterworks. It is a flume ride. Visitors can enjoy two flavors of this winding ride, namely, covered and open body slides. Each of these flavors has its own route and different angles.

  • Professorís Playground: Looking for a place where your kids can spend some fun-filled hours? Professor's Playground is the right place featuring innumerable novel fixtures like water cannons, slides, fountains and ladders. At a depth of 0.3 meters, Professorís Playground is completely safe even for the most enthusiastic kids who love adventure and try to explore new things.

  • Splash: Just get into six mini interactive water display and enjoy this marvellous rides at Wild Wild Wet in Singapore.

  • Tsunami: Tsunami offers a perfect blend of the best of the sea and swimming pools to ensure maximum level of fun and excitement of the water waves to the visitors.

Wild Wild Wet Fact File

  • Yippee! Just want to make your kid understand the fun of playing with water? Yippee! at Wild Wild Wet is right there for you. It is a shallow area filled with soft playing equipment designed particularly for your toddlers.

  • Slide Up: Slide Up is a four-storey ramp slide. It features speeding riders gliding down from one corner to another on the deck and eventually rising up on the other side.

  • Jacuzzi: If you are exhausted and looking for some rejuvenating option, then try out the Jacuzzi at Wild Wild Wet in Singapore.

  • Shiok River: Roughly 335 meters in length, Shiok River surrounds the parkís perimeter, winding through lush landscape. Those who love to move in the water at their own pace can avail tubes.

Facilities at Wild Wild Wet, Singapore

Planning to visit Wild Wild Wet in Singapore with your family? Check out some of the facilities at Wild Wild Wet, Singapore.
  • Food and Beverage: Pizza Hut and KFC outlets are located within the premises of Wild Wild Wet, Singapore. In addition, there are several other food outlets situated at Downtown East.
  • Tubes for Splashing Fun: For ensuring optimum level of fun and safety to the visitors, tubes are available absolutely free of cost. However, these tubes are available on first-come-first-served basis.
  • Baby Water Carrier: The water carrier enables grandparents, parents and babysitters to introduce their infants or babies to water and enjoy the wonderful experience with them. Baby water carrier is also available absolutely free of charge but is subject to availability.
  • Life Jackets: For the safety of visitors, life jackets are available absolutely free of cost at Wild Wild Wet in Singapore. However, your chances of availing a life jacket are subject to availability of the same.
  • Lockers: Lockers are available at Wild Wild Wet where you can safely keep your personal belongings at a minimal charge while enjoying the various rides available in the park.

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