Art & Culture of Singapore

Art is the expression of the culture of a people. Culture is the embodiment of total achievements like values and shared expressions that are realized through the people’s common efforts towards building up of common civilized society. Singapore, a land of varied art and culture, observes several events and occasions throughout the year. One can find a mixture of various arts and cultural scenarios in Singapore.

Singapore is also famous for wide variety of performance art that encourages the growth of traditional ancient art and culture in the region.

There are many art forms which are acclaimed as symbols Singapore’s identity. These include theatre, dance, music, martial art, mythology, spirituality, religious festivals, sculpture, architecture, painting, choreography, kite making, food recipes, etc.

Singapore Art Museum
The Singapore Art Museum is the international standard art museum that displays great art works of Singapore of all times. It not only displays ancient to modern Singapore-Malay-Chinese regional art works, but also European, Arabian, south-Asian and many other artistic expressions.

Sculpture Square
Sculpture Square organizes many modeling events throughout the year. Many artists, of all ages, take part in the events. They organize sculpture workshops for aspiring artists and students from Singapore and rest of the world. Several internationally famous artists participate in these events.

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Mr.Huang Suiheng, a Chinese artist formed the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. The school is the first of its kind in Singapore. The school attracted many international geniuses and with their efforts the academy was promoted to fame. Many of its alumni became world renowned artists. Some of them returned to the school to join as faculty. The Academy imparts courses on 3D design, dance, design & media, fashion studies, fine art, music and theatre.

Dance in Singapore
Singapore has a tradition of enriching a variety of dance forms. There are ongoing events in Singapore sponsored by companies like Singapore Dance Theatre, The Arts and Fission Company, Odyssey Dance Theatre and Ecnad. While in Singapore you have good chance of enjoying many ethnic dance forms: Chinese, Malay, Indian, Russian, European and Japanese dances.

Wushu (Martial Art of China)
Wushu is a form of martial art and the name itself means martial art. Wushu has also developed a form of sport looks like wrestling. This form of performance was used as a means of self defense and part of ethics study, later it took the form of a modern sport and also performed as an entertaining show. The performance of this art form is organized by Singapore National Olympic Council, Singapore Futsing Association, Xin Ying Wushu Training Centre, etc.

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