Singapore Botanic Gardens

An Agri-Horticultural Society founded the Singapore Botanical Gardens in 1859. The gardens are a combination of untouched primary forest and specialty gardens displaying frangipanis, roses, ferns and desert plants, to name a few. There are numerous plant species here, including many rare specimens that reflect the Gardens' richness and diversity of plant life. The National Orchid Garden is located on the highest hill in the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Located near the city center Singapore botanic gardens covers an area of 52 hectares. The garden features incredible varieties of plants.

National Orchid GardenOne can obviously come across spectacular collections of plants that truly overwhelm the heart of the visitors. The garden offers a glimpse of the richness and the variety of plant life found in Singapore.

The National Orchid Garden, the Ginger Garden and the Evolution Garden are the major attractions of the place. The present orchid enclosure features a large variety of orchid plants. Sprawling orchid displays can be found in the National Orchid Garden. Look for the exotic collections of bromeliad from central and South America in National Orchid Garden.

The outdoor concerts performed in Symphony Lake is an added beauty of the place and offers great entertainment amid rich green settings. RISIS Store located at the entrance of the garden is a perfect place for the ornament lovers to look for some of the exquisite varieties of orchid jewelry sets.

The ornaments displayed in the store features Peranakan-inspired designs. The ornate sets of orchid brooches and incredible souvenir gift items are the most sought after purchases in the RISIS store. The little French restaurant Au Jardin offers its visitors a unique dinning experience amid the luxurious green ambience.

Your trip to Singapore without seeing the magnificence of Singapore Botanic Gardens is incomplete! Whether you take a stroll by the 64 hectares of the botanical and horticultural displays or spend a day at leisure by the National Orchid Garden, these points of interests give you a chance to feast on more than 2000 hybrids and 1000 species of orchids teamed up with the blossoming beauty of Vanda Miss Joaquim, the national flower of Singapore. An ideal place to see  Malays, Indians and Chinese practicing martial arts and performing yoga, this landscaped gardens are sprinkled with complicated Victorian gazebos, a sparkling collection of orchids and a small rain forest.

The first botanical garden was established in the year 1822 by Sir Stamford Raffles. Conservation is an integral section of the gardens with ample tours, workshops and projects which concentrate on as well as encourage nature awareness. The orchid breeding program of the Singapore Botanic Gardens is something that you cannot afford to miss. The VIP Orchid Garden showcases VIP orchids, teamed up with the Dendrobium Memoria Princess Diana, the Renantanda Akihito, Dendrobium Margaret Thatcher, and the Vandaenopsis Nelson Mandela.

 Exclusively meant for the kids, this garden offers a unique learning and discovery experience and that too in a garden setting. In other words, it has been designed for the sole objective of cultivating an appreciation for nature, plants as well as the environment amongst the children. Children up to twelve years of age can come here to know about different functions of  plants, their regular needs and requirements.

While you are here, you can also join a trip to explore more about the different tree and plant species. Besides, you may also participate in workshops for learning the art of cultivation or enjoy musical concerts for free at the Symphony Stage. Joggers will also experience a great time running miles after miles in the gardebesin.

Last, but not the least, if the urban planners of Singapore could come up with a self-created paradise, then it would in no way look different from the botanical gardens. You will find the front entrance leading to a peaceful koi pond. If you get the time to visit the botanical gardens on weekends, then you will find kids giggling and feeding the multicolored fish. Immediately on the right hand side, you will find a cascading waterfall and birds hopping around the edge. On the southern side of the botanical garden, you will find a miniature waterfall and a turtle filled lake.

Contact Address: 
Singapore Botanic Gardens
1 Cluny Road
Singapore- 259569

Opening Hours: 5 am to 12 midnight ( Everyday)

Admission is free

How to Reach
By foot: It would be a challenging endeavor to reach Botanical Garden by foot unless you are staying in areas like Adam Road/Farrer Road or Bukit Timah/Dunean. 

By Road: Botanical Garden is bounded by various roads including  Cluny Road, Holland Road,  Bukit Timah Road,Cluny Park Road, Evans Road, and Tyersall Avenue.

Last Updated on: 13th July 2012

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