CHIJMES in Singapore

Declared as a national heritage site in Singapore, CHIJMES, is a popular center for dining, shopping and entertainment. Carrying a wonderful and glorious history, CHIJMES stands a Singapore's premium lifestyle destination that has several world-class restaurants, bars, shops. The place is the musical and cultural hub in Singapore that organizes many spectacular musical events, recitals, theatrical performances and weddings. The site holds a rich cultural heritage that represents Singapore in The world stage.

Formerly, CHIJMES was one of the last few cloistered convents in the world. The beautiful gothic architecture attracts photographers and cinematographers from various parts of the world to witness the staunch beauty of the site.

Located at 30 Victoria Street, Singapore 187996, the site very easily accessible. You can catch the MRT to City Hall Station and then walk along Stamford Road and the turning right at the junction of Stamford Road and Victoria Street, you will comfortably reach to the location. The accessibility for the physically disabled persons is well taken care of. CHIJMES, Singapore is open for food and beverage outlets from 11.00 am in the morning till late night, while the shops and boutiques are open from 11.00 am in the morning to 10.00 pm at night.

Spanning over a spacious 16,187 sq. meters of area, the restoration work of CHIJMES started in the year 1991 and completed in 1996 at a cost of SGD 100 million. Mr Didier Reppelin was the conservation consultant and the architectural consultation was done by Ong & Ong Architects Pte Ltd.

History of the CHIJMES Complex

Reverand Mother Mathilde Raclot was one of four French nuns to arrive in Penang in the October of 1852.She played the pivotal role in CHIJMES's history. The nuns reached Singapore from Penang on the 5th of February, 1854.They resided at the convent-quarters known as the Caldwell House which was designed by the famous architect of the time George Drumgoole Coleman in the neo-classical style.

Mother Mathilde devoted 20 long years to turn the convent into an orphanage, a school and a haven for the destitute women. The entire CHIJMES complex was gifted by Father Beurel to sister Matilde after he bought the entire stretch of land in between the Victoria Street and the North Bridge Road. The CHIJMES Complex houses a Gothic-styled chapel which is now known as the CHIJMES Hall. Father Charles Benedict Nain laid out the design for the Gothic chapel and the chapel was constructed in 1904.The Chapel held its last service on 3rd November, 1983 and after that it was desecrated and the convent gates were shut. The CHIJMES Complex has been renovated and shops, restaurants, and even entertainment centers have now sprung up inside the complex.

Architecture Lay-Out of the CHIJMES Complex

Architecturally the CHIJMES is a self-sufficient city -block containing buildings of different styles and varieties to enhance the beauty and diversity of the complex. Caldwell's House where the nuns once resided is the oldest building in this complex. The Gothic-styled chapel next to the Caldwell House has nicely detailed wall-frescoes, plasterworks and stained glass panels. Father Nain designed the Anglo-French chapel and it was built in the year, 1904.The entrance to the Gothic Chapel is marked by a five-storied spire flanked on both sides by flying-buttresses. The upper parts of the columns and corridors in the chapel are adorned with the design of tropical birds and plants.

The site is the proud recipient of many prestigious Conservation awards such as 1997 Aseanta Awards for Excellence for Best Asean Conservation Effort, 1997 URA Architectural Heritage Awards and the 5th SIA Architectural Design Awards 1998 for Conservation. CHIJMES, Singapore, in true sense, is the architectural and cultural representative of modern lifestyle of Singapore and its people.

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