Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden being one of the most visited tourist destinations in Singapore is blessed with a unique beauty to cast an enchanting spell on the visitors. The garden is an incredible location to walk down the lanes of memory to be a part of the ancient China. Prof Yuen-chen Yu designed the Chinese Garden in Singapore built in the year 1975.

The well-known architect from Taiwan tried all possible efforts to make this a wonderful destination to spend some leisure hours amid the lush green ambiance. Our site Focus Singapore offers detailed information about Chinese Garden.

"Ru Yun Ta" the seven storey pagoda is a wonderful Chinese architecture that bears the style of Nanjing's Ling Ku Temple Pagoda. Apart from the charming buildings the lush green gardens also forms to be a major part of the attraction. The harmonious blending of woven plants, rocks, a winding stream and footpaths creates an ambiance of magical beauty.

The visitors to be a part of a unique experience should pay a visit to the Suzhou style Bonsai Garden. It houses some of magnificent varieties of bonsais specially imported all the way from China. SGD 3.8 million was spent to built this wonderful garden for the people to explore the unspoiled beauty of nature. A five minutes walk from the MRT station will lead you to the incredible Chinese garden.

The architecture employed on the garden offers you a glimpse of the northern Chinese imperial style of architecture. The incredible landscape beauty of the place captivates the heart of the visitors.

The "White Rainbow Bridge" known as the "Pai Hung Ch'lao" greets you with a warm welcome at your arrival into the park. The bridge resembles the style of the 17-Arch Bridge found at the Summer Palace in Beijing. A typical Chinese arch building waits for you to explore after crossing the bridge.

The building blessed with two courtyards and a fishpond is the major attraction of the place. Pagoda, a signature architectural building of the Chinese, has always been a major attraction among the tourists.

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