Entertainment in Singapore

Life in Singapore means full of cherished moments, experiences and awe-inspiring entertainment. And in Singapore means of entertainment is a pack of varieties. It includes a collection of arts and musical concerts, performing arts, classical art forms from various parts of the world, dance, discotheques, nightlife, dining, boating and serene rural living in the midst of urban fascination. Singapore, a country of islands and distinct identity of local regions allows the multicultural and plentiful variety of entertainment forms to exist.

The people can choose from dance, music, opera, theatre, comedy, cinema, waterfronts, parks, discos, bars and pubs to visit to sip golden moments and have a lot of fun.

Music and Performing Arts
Singapore is a venue for artistic performances throughout the year. In musical preferences Singapore offers opera, classical and melodious combinations with its true characteristics. Operas include western classical lyric every week. Many musical choices like Singapore Dance Theatre, Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Chinese Orchestra, Concert in the Park entertains you.

Indian classical music, both Hindustani and Karnatic are performed regularly at designated places.

All round the year there are musical events named as Mosaic Music Festival, Singapore International Piano Festival, WOMAD (World of Music and Dance Festival) and many ethnic musical performances.

Dance has many arrays, which is presented by professional artists and troops such as Singapore Dance Theatre, The Arts Fission Company, Odyssey Dance Theatre, Ecnad, etc. Local dance groups present Malayan, Indian and Chinese performances.

Comedy performance groups including 1NiteStand Comedy Club entertain you with satirical performances.

Wayang Opera
Wayang is a Chinese opera performed during the Hungry Ghost Festival. The opera is performed in the suburban open air theatre on makeshift stages in the evening. This show is performed wearing elaborate costume and accessories that gives you a unique experience.

Singapore is a major hub of entertainment cinema in Asia. Though very few films are produced to be called as Singaporean movie, the country hosts many international film festivals. The Singapore International Film Festival held every year features about 300 well versed films from all over the world. It includes feature films, documentaries, animation movies and short films that are produced and well discussed all over the world. Apart from this there are many other film festivals like French Film Festival, Australian Film Festivals, British Film Festivals, Chinese Film festival (a few that are regularly held) and occasionally held film festivals from other countries.

Pop Music
Pop music is another entertainment that Singapore offers. There are performances round the year offered by International superstars like Bobbie Williams, Elton John, Diana Krall, Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Jackie Cheung, one after one. Major pop events are Mosaic Music Festival, WOMAD, Singapore International Piano Festival, etc.

Singapore offers a large theatrical treat of world classics, evergreen hit plays and local and regional genial creations. The Esplanade of Singapore houses many theatrical presentations these include highway hits, The Singapore Repertory Theatre, The Necessary Stage, iTheatre, etc. and many other local theatres.

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