Culinary Classes in Singapore

Singapore is said to be the fascinating culinary hub of south East Asia. Food lovers from all over the world come to Singapore to pamper their taste buds. A cultural crossroads of three races Indian, Chinese and Malay, Singapore overwhelms with a breathtaking array of delicacies garnering culinary skills from all the three groups. Special culinary classes in Singapore are offered by world class culinary experts.

These cooking schools and institutes offer friendly and fun filled coaching classes to people interested in cooking.

Often the business travelers and the tourists and students in the hospitality industry and hotel management enroll for the cooking classes to enhance their knowledge in cooking and experiment some exclusive Singapore dishes in their own hand.

There is Shermay's cooking school where Shermay the great cooking academia teach special Nonya cuisnes along with other exclusive gourmet delights like Chinese, French and a wide variety of desserts. At-Sunrice cooking academy offers cooking classes and demonstration on rich Asian and International cuisines. Coriander Leaf Cooking Studio trains cooking buffs in South-East Asian, Middle Eastern and fusion delicacies.

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