Max Pavilion Auditorium Singapore

The MAX Pavilion is a multi-purpose event hall and auditorium with seating capacity for 7,000 people - making it ideal for large-scale meetings, seminars, conferences, congresses, concerts and other special events. It is fully equipped with top-end sound systems, state-of-art lighting and video systems and therefore is functional, flexible and futuristic.

The actual dimensions of Max Pavilion are 144m lengthwise x 69m widthwise. There are drape lines which can be used to reduce the hall size as per the audience.

Ideally suited for entertainment and multi purpose events wherein people can be seated on the tiered seating arrangement for clear viewing from any location. The Max Pavilion lies with the modern and state of art Singapore Expo, the largest convention and exhibition venue in Singapore which is near the Singapore Changi International Airport and 10 minutes from the Central Business District.

For facilitating events at Max Pavilion or any other halls of Singapore Expo, many amenities are provided at the venue such as huge parking space of 2,2000 cars, 13 food and beverage outlets, shopping facilitaties, ATMs and forex machines, business center and a convenience store too. Reaching Max Pavilion is also not a problem because you can use the Mass Rapid Transport, the local train network taxis, public buses and cars to reach here.

For quite some years now, the Max Pavilion is being used by the Faith Community Baptist Church which is a 10,000-member strong community for their weekly services.

Apart from this, the Max Pavilion is most favored by organizers for organizing music concerts, religious discourses, carnivals, business meets and product launches.

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