Orchard Towers Singapore

Orchard Towers, Singapore is located on the corner of Orchard Road and Claymore Drive. It is a 20-storey building and a hub of a lot of activities. The first five floors have retail outlets and bars. During the day time, the Orchard Towers functions like a retail and as the sun sets it turns out to be an entertainment complex. Orchard Towers is the one stop destination for full on entertainment in Singapore. For the Singaporeans, the Orchard Towers is just a household name. It consists of two buildings and offers a wide array of entertainment. Singapore Orchard Towers is the fun hub for all the tourists and visitors.

So if you are thinking for something exciting then check out Orchard Towers. In Orchard Towers, you will get electronic shops, money changers, tailors shops, massage parlors, hair saloons, garment shops, restaurants and pubs. The clubs at the Orchard Towers occupy about half of the mall.

There are also girlie bars, escort agencies and show bars in the Orchard Towers block along the Orchard Road. As the dark sets in, the Orchard Towers is also said the pick-up joint. The Towers is an establishment where the clients pick up prostitutes. As such the Orchard Towers is also known as 'Four Floor of Whores'. The shops at the Orchard Towers are closed by 7.30pm and then the nightlife of the Orchard Tower begins. Drench yourself in the active and enthralling night life of the Orchard Towers during the night hours. By 11pm, the night clubs of Orchard Towers are packed up. Queens Disco, The Green Mango are the perfect disco clubs in the Orchard Towers.

The smaller clubs like Checker Bar, Hunters etc are also worth enjoying. Girls from all parts of Asia like Thais, Indonesians, Chinese, Indians are seen in this Tower. You can check out Top Ten Disco for the best looking girls. On Sundays, the clubs are opened at 12pm for Tea-dances. If you are hungry then you can check out Monkeys Cafe. Some other restaurants near Orchard Towers are Akashi(Japanese ), Marmalade Party, PS Cafe and many others. Orchard Towers meets all your luxurious demands.

Check out the hot list of the top venues in Orchard Towers.

  • Ba Li Ba:
    Orchard Towers in Singapore is a 20-storeyed building and an ideal place for fun lovers. The sun never sets in the bars and night-clubs of Orchard Towers and Ba Li Ba is one of them. In the later evening, this bar is filled with hot chics dancing and gyrating on the stage floor set amidst the bar located on the first floor. It is one of the colorful sites in Orchard Towers.

  • Country Jamboree:
    It is one of the famous bars of Orchard Towers that plays western music. Stewards wear cow boy hats here and there are large television screens showing the western circus- “Rodeo”. You can also enjoy drinks along with pool billiards snooker game.

  • FHM
    It is a discotheque in Orchard Towers.

  • Ipanema:
    It is one of the most popular bars of Orchard Towers. It is always house full with foreigners and the locals. The regular Filipino band, large plasma screens for watching sports, pole dancing are simply unique in this disco bar. You must visit this bar and enjoy its ambience.

  • Bongo Bar:
    It is a Thai concept bar and has an awesome live band and dancers from Bangkok. This bar opened in the year 2004 has won the hearts of the customers. Some other famous bars are Ba Li Ba, Crazy Horse and Naughty Girl.

  • Harry's @ Orchard:
    Harry's has the reputation of bringing the 'best Jazz in town' and offers culinary delights that satisfies everybody even a very discerning expat or a Singaporean. This outlet reflects quality service. Enjoy the Tania sounds and relish yourself with the mouth-watering menu. The tapas which are available here are unique and also different form the usual 'bar fare'. It also serves international wines and cocktails. It provides a convenient respite to the weary souls of the shoppers.

  • Top 5 :
    It is located in the Level 4 of the Orchard Towers. Top 5 is the hottest one stop Entertainment Theatre Club. This entertainment outlet is for Upmarket Fun and Top Class Acts with Cool Sexy Vibe. So do not forget to visit this club if you are in Singapore's Orchard Towers. Country Jamboree : Just enter this bar and you are bound to raise an eyebrow. It offers an ecstatic environment for the customers. Visit this bar to have the utmost fun.

  • Bellisima Nails :
    If you want to pamper your nails then come to Bellisima. Your experience with them will exceed your expectations. The ultimate nail care will be given to you by the experts of this wellness outlet in the Orchard Towers.

  • Crystal Aroma Massage House :
    Singapore is renowned for its massages. This spa has massage therapists from all parts of the world and specializes in the field of massage. Get in touch with this spa in Orchard Towers for a refreshing massage.

  • Skill Massage Centre :
    It is located in the office floors and is an ideal massage center. Visit the parlor for an exciting luxurious spa.

  • Jasons :
    You can satisfy your whims of shopping in this supermarket at the basement of the Orchard Towers.

Last Updated On:06/27/2012

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