Geylang Serai in Singapore

Geylang Serai upholds itself as the hub of the Malay community in Singapore. The Geylang Serai lies to the east of the Singapore River and also is situated to the east of the Singapore central area. Located in the middle of Malay Village, Geylang Serai in Singapore, is a throwback to good old days of Singapore. History tells us that the Ornag Latus and the Malays settled at this place only after the British in the 19th century decided to break up the floating village situated at the mouth of the Singapore River.

In the year 1800, the Malays and the Arabs got settled at this place and the families or the section of people who dominated this place were the Aljunied, Alsahgoff and the Alkaff families.

In the year 1930, a few of the Malay districts got established and Kampong Malayu that is the Malay Village is one of them It is this Kampong Melayu that later emerged or came to be known as the Geylang Serai. It was established with the intention of making it represent the age-old culture and the traditions of the early Malay community. A walk around the Geylang Serai, can be a heart-warming shopping experience, that will take you back to the 1950s and 1960s, traditional Malay “kampong lifestyle.” Besides being a shopping paradise, there are potpourri of other enchanting things that will keep your imagination immersed and senses on for an extravagant evening.

There are Kampung Museum, Art Gallery, Hall of Fame, banquet facilities in the Malay village in Singapore that will keep you busy the

moment you step-in here. Geylang Serai Singapore sees the throngs of locals and travelers coming in especially on the weekends, when the market place is jam-packed. There are wide-variety of fabrics from decorative materials like handicrafts, paintings and artifacts; rugs and fabrics, modern wear clothes, trinkets, wooden crafted materials and much more. A purchase from Geylang Serai is a perfect souvenir to keep the essence of Singapore alive and feel great that you partake in Singapore shopping, which is a true reflection of the vibrancy of Singapore.

While you visit Geylang Serai, do not miss out on the cultural performances that are organized by the Floating Seafood Restaurant The artists who are associated with the cultural performances puts in their blood and sweat to win the hearts of the audience.

If you wish to catch a glimpse of the lifestyle of the Malays that were followed by the Malay people during the 1950's as well as the 1960's, then this is the right place to be and at this place you would get a view of the Malay crafts such as kite making and batik painting. The Geylang Serai also displays artifacts, such as musical instruments, weaving tools and a trip to this place would remain incomplete without a visit to the Geylang Serai Corner and the Hall of Fame.

The wet market area is 'mistress of spices' and is rejuvenating with the smells of cloves, cinnamon, pepper, cardamom and nutmeg. Feel the pulse of Singapore by picking up CDs of both traditional and modern Malay ”keroncong” music and serenade in its melody. For those who are extremely fond of clothes can hunt array of clothes, textiles, fabrics and jewelery in Joo Chiat Complex. If you are interested in buying products belonging depicting the handicrafts heritage of the Malay population staying here, then head straight to Geylang Serai for its unique shops specializing in the theme.

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