Lazarus Island Singapore

Lazarus Island, also formerly known as “Pulau Sakijang Pelepah” which on literal translation means “Island Of Barking Deer And Palms”. It due to the fact that one can easily spot deer and palm trees on the island, as there are plenty many there. Though the real reason for renaming the islands is unknown, some historians believe that it might be related to “the rise of the Lazarus” as in bible. Lazarus island beaches have white sand, rich temperate foliage and a very serene and tranquil environment that makes it hard for one to imagine that, they are just a short distance from the mainland of Singapore.

However, with a number of construction sites on the island, one may not be allowed to visit the island due safety seasons. Though, the sister islands are always open for visitors.


The Lazarus Island is located in southern part of Singapore along with its sister islands. Lazarus Island is currently linked to St. John’s Island via a crossway. With the recent developments, Pulau Seringat is considered as an extended part of the Lazarus Island having total land area of 47 hectares. It has about 800 metres of beach area well complemented by the clear azure aquamarine water and the golden sandy beaches, which are indeed very welcoming.

Best time to visit

Since the island is close to the equator, it has no seasons and the weather remains almost the same 367 days of the year. Thus, the islands are open for visitors all through the year. The best time to visit is the month of September, when there are slight rain showers providing respite from the heat. In the months from November to January, the rainy season prevails, so a heavy rain burst can wash off the entire holiday.

Major tourist attractions

As the Lazarus Island is still under construction, people are discouraged from coming into the island for their own safety. Though, one may check and take a permit from Sentosa Leisure Groupto visit the island. There are signs at various places in the island indicating if the place is safe for visit or if it is still under construction.

With the breath taking beauty, exceptionally rich aquamarine water and a tranquil ambience, even the warning signs cannot restrict the people from visiting the islands. One can simply relax; basking in sun at the beaches, taking a swim in the clear water lagoons or just rejuvenate with a refreshing bath in the clear sea water.

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