Palawan Beach Singapore

Palawan beach favourite amongst family goers, is located in the middle of the southern coast of Sentosa, which is also Asia's nearest point to the Equator!

The beach boasts of some stimulating rides, gift shops and eateries. There are many bars along the beach too that offer food and beverages too, to ensure you have a good time at the seashore.

How to reach Palawan beach

You will be surprised to know that there is a Beach Station and an express train that connects to the Palawan Beach- Sentosa Express, for you to commute at ease.

Nearby attractions

Animal and Bird encounter:
The Palawan Amphitheatre conducts animal shows every day which display these mute species alertness, intelligence and more qualities. One can get to see monkeys, reptiles, birds and other animals doing funny acts. The daily program schedules of the Sentosa Palawan Amphitheatre comprise of encounters with many animals.

People can get to see reptiles like Green Iguana, Burmese Rock Python or water Monitor Lizard, while the primate encounters include Pig Tailed Macaques. At the bird Aviary visitors can watch Lories flying down to eat their favourite food. It also features clever parrots and Wreathed Hornbill. One can click photos around the place and get to learn about the food habits and behaviour of animals and birds by watching them closely.

Port of Lost Wonder
It is the first kids’ club in Singapore by the Beach, aimed to provide an exclusive family experience. It is particularly targeted at children of ages between 3 to 10 years. This attraction offers themed islets for picnics and other fun activities, a signature water play area and different retail and dining experiences.

Unique party experience
Be it your toddler’s birthday party or a beach wedding celebration, this family beach leaves no stone unturned to make it long lived in the memories of attenders. Sentosa Island’s rumbustious mascot, Captain Palawan will make your child’s birthday or your wedding make-believe of the fantasy world. He comes out only occasionally- on holidays, events and special occasions. His regaling package makes the guests of any age group feel entertained and happy.

Picturesque location, swashbuckling host, nave moment – make your event, an exciting and memorable one.

Go green Segway Eco-Adventure

It is Asia's first and lone thrilling Segway. You are offered a clean and enjoyable way to explore Sentosa through Eco Rides. There is an introductory Fun Ride and also the Guided Eco Adventure that lets you glide smoothly along Siloso or the Palawan Beach.

The Segway is a personal transporter device which is great fun and appropriate for people of all age groups. Fun Ride, as the name suggests is exciting and entertaining- best for beginners as it goes along a secure circuit. Trainers are available throughout to assist and make you learn while having some fun.

Riders can enjoy a picturesque glide effortlessly along the most popular beaches of Sentosa namely the Siloso and the Palawan beach thru the Guided Eco Adventure.

Gogreen after Dark – Haunting of Blakang Mati
If you desire a more thrilling experience then try out the Gogreen after Dark, Asia’s only night expedition at Segway. This spine-tingling adventure discovers the dark, fascinating past of Sentosa which was previously known as Pulau Blakang Mati. It gives a sneak peek to the visitors, of the eighteenth Century Sentosa, which was home to several merciless pirates. Once can also re-live the beginnings Pulau Blakang Mati by visiting the splendid coastal trail, the gun emplacements and other exciting landmarks like the site of “Dragon’s Teeth Gate”.

There’s lot to do but whatever you decide, you are guaranteed to have a fun time at this family-friendly beach.

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