Pulau Hantu Island Singapore

Pulau Hantu is a Malay word meaning “the island of the ghosts”. The name Pulau Hantu has a strong legend behind it. According to which, long ago there were two great warriors who were locked up in a serious battle at sea; due to which many people were killed and soon the clear blue sea turned red with bloodshed. This made the Jinns at the bottom of the ocean boil with anger, and so they created a whirlpool which sucked the soldiers into deep sea. Undeterred, the two warriors continued to fight even under the sea. Angered Jinn decided to sprinkle water on one of the warrior’s eyes, due to which he was blinded. And seeing the opponent blind the other warrior thrust his sword in to his abdomen and the blinded warrior also did the same; rendering them both dead. This is when the gods realise that, it was unethical for the Jinns to interfere with the humans and as a consequence the warriors were transformed into islets so that their spirits could live on these islets i.e. Pulau Hantu Kechil (little ghost island) and Pulau Hantu Besar(bigger ghost island).

Pulau Hantu is a blessed with exceptionally beautiful aquatic life and reefs, which makes it a haunting spot for fishing, scuba-diving,snorkeling and countless other activities.


Pulau Hantu islands are located towards south? of the straits of Singapore. It actually comprises of 2 islets i.e. the Pulau Hantu Kechil and Pulau Hantu Besar. This tiny island stretches up to only 12.5 hectares in area. During the high tide, the water level of the bay rises, middle of the island which is geographically lower, gets immersed in water and results in two smaller islands.

Best Time to Visit:

It best to visit Pulau Hantu during the summer season, possibly on a low tide day; because it is easier to travel within the islands and explore reefs that can only be seen during the summer season. It is advisable to visit during the daylight hours, though it is open for 24 hours of the day on all days. Usually visitors take from 2 hours to half a day, which is about 6 hours to explore the islands.

Major Tourist Attractions

Pulau Hantu is a destination which can be enjoyed by people of all ages, making it an ideal spot for a relaxing holiday or even an adventure spot for the ones seeking adventure .Despite it devilish name ,Pulau Hantu is one of the top spots of the world for scuba-diving, snorkeling, fishing and so on. The shelters along the beach are ideal for picnics. However, there are no shops on the island, so the visitors need to carry their own food, sunscreen, hats, snorkeling wear etc. The most important being the drinking water.

The reefs of Pulau Hantu are exceptionally rich in marine life. It is a delight to see fish of vivid patterns swimming in the clear water of the sea. It is one of the only places that houses rare seahorses and giant clams. The aquatic life is still free from human intervention. It is a delight to swim in the clear water lagoons.

How to Get There

In order to get to Pulau Hantu, one must get a bus or train to west coast pier and then hire a bumboat or a chartered boat to reach Pulau Hantu. Usually, there are no regular ferry routes to Pulau Hantu and a chartered boat is the only way to get there. The costs of hiring the boat may vary according to the availability and diesel prices. Though the boats run for 24 hours every day, it is advisable to fix a boat to pick you at a certain time to avoid having the hassle of finding a boat at the end moment. There are no hostels or hotels available for accommodation, but there are camps to stay overnight for which one requires a permit from the Sentosa Leisure Group.

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