Pulau Ubin Recreation Park, Singapore

Pulau Ubin is a nature park with its thatched house roofs, dirt paths, orchards and wild life. It is situated in the northeastern tip of Singapore and is good place to just enjoy relaxed and refreshing strolls. Other interesting attractions are the granite quarries, rubber and coconut plantations, mangrove swamps and fish farming. Pulau Ubin is the last village (known as 'kampong' in local language) in Singapore. This village preserves the essence of the ancient style of living of people in Singapore and depicts a true picture of the same.

This village is a preserve of the highly admired old yet, simple living of the Singaporean people. You will witness the lifestyle and tradition of people of the country those were prevalent in the 1960's. Their simplicity and honest life teach many lessons for the so called modern and affluent society. Expressing the ultimate bliss, the place is calm and serene, revealing the need to live a lifestyle very down to earth.

The best place to spend the leisure and pass time peacefully, Pulau Ubin, Singapore offers you to enjoy the natural beauty of flourishing mangroves, overgrown rubber plantations, secluded beaches and swaying coconut palms. The revitalizing and fresh air in the environment will fill you with life. You can satisfy all you leisure activities such as fishing and boating with your loved ones.

Situated in the northeastern coast of Singapore, the is an offshore island, developed into a nature park. The place is regarded as among the best destinations for holidays and honeymoon.

The park offers some of the best natural collections of flora and fauna found in the region. Pulau Ubin Recreation Park, Singapore is very convenient to reach. You can take the MRT to the Tampines Station and then take SBS bus 29 to Changi Village Bus Interchange. After that you have to travel for about 10 minutes by boat from the Changi Point jetty at a nominal cost of SGD 2.50. The operating hours is from 6.00 am to 11.00 pm.

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