Siloso Beach Singapore

Singapore is a paradise for tourists and promises unlimited entertaining experience. Singapore is a great family destination as it offers the best for adults as well as kids. Other than the famous landmarks and shopping destinations, Singapore is famous for its Siloso beach and the fun activities that go on there. A tour package to Singapore must necessarily have the Siloso beach on its list as it is the hippest destination in the country. It is actually a great get away from the bustling Singapore. You can rest and enjoy a cool evening here.

So, get your swim gear ready and take a dip into one of the much talked about beaches of the world, The Siloso beach. This beach is one of the most happening places for locals as well as tourists. If you are not swimming or enjoying the great waters of Siloso, you can simply enjoy the beach surrounding with its many activities. The beach area offers shopping options and also culinary delights at a variety of restaurants and bistros.

Sports and activities at the Siloso beach

Siloso is the hottest place for beach sports like volleyball and has some of the coolest bars and restaurants around it. The volleyball courts are available for free on a first come first serve basis and anyone can come and enjoy the game at the beach side. The Siloso beach at Sentosa is also known as Asia’s favorite playground and is most famous among children. You can enjoy surfing a man made wave or simply have fun in a whirlpool bath on the beach. Other activities that you can enjoy at the beach are kayaking, cycling, and rollerblading, among others. The water temperature is great, and the sand is soft to play with. There is plenty of shade around the beach with tall palm trees, which doubles the delight here.

Night life at the beach

The Siloso beach becomes more active during the nights and is a perfect place to spend a night, simply enjoying the music and fun activities going around. The bars and restaurants run throughout the night, playing cool music while serving mouth watering delights. The famous restaurants along the beach are The Azzura beach club, Bikini Bar, Bora Bora beach bar, Coastes, Sand bar, Tanjong beach club and Wave house Sentosa , among others. Snacking sea food and having cocktails and mocktails by the sea side at one of these restaurants at night can be an experience by itself. The Siloso beach organizes Asia’s largest beach countdown party during New Year’s Eve every year. Tourists plan their trip to Singapore so that they can experience this party, once in a lifetime. Renowned DJs from across the world make the party alive and kicking in with their earth shaking music and beats. You can enjoy the New Year party with family and friends along the cool breeze of the Siloso beach.

Other activities

The Siloso beach in the Sentosa Island also boasts of the famous underwater dolphin lagoon?,the insect kingdom and butterfly park,It also has activities for children such as encounters with nature, bird and animal, an Adventure Park, and some famous resorts. Last but not the least, the Universal studios of Singapore, that is located at the Sentosa Island is a not to miss destination.

Not to forget

One must learn the safety rules before getting into the warm waters of the Siloso beach. There are colored flags installed on the beach and one must not go beyond them. The beach is well monitored by beach patrol officers and life guards. The beach is very crowded during weekends and holidays. In addition, although there is enough variety to eat out at the Siloso beach, some may find the food quite expensive.

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