Sisters' Islands, Singapore

The Sisters' Islands, located to the south of the main island of Singapore, are two of the Southern Islands in Singapore. The Sister's Islands are two separate islands each with of which have rich sandy shores and coral reefs. The reefs of Sisters Islands, one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Singapore are only 15 minutes away by fast boat from the city center. The Sister's Islands have a beautiful legend behind them that tells the sad story of two sisters, the daughters of a poor widow. The widow had two beautiful daughters named Minah and Linah. After the death of the widow, the two sisters, Minah and Linah left the place and went to their uncle living at a distant land.

The two sisters loved each other very much and they did not leave each other even for a moment. One day, unfortunately, while fetching water from a well near the sea, Linah met a group of pirates. The chief of the pirates, followed Linah up to her uncle's house and expressed his desire to maary her.

At that night the two sisters kept on weeping in each others' arm. The other day the pirates took forcefully away Linah. Minah finding no other way, swam after the boat but was drowned.

The sorrow of the death of her beloved sister forced Linah to dive into the stormy water. The next day villagers found two big islands at the drowing place of the two sisters. The next day, the villagers were shocked to see two islands at the spot where the two sisters had drowned. The two islands, called Subar Laut and Subar Darat, were there after known as Sisters Island.

The Big Sister Island (Subar Laut) faces the open sea wheras the Little Sister Island (Subar Darat) faces the mainland Singapore. There is a narrow yet deep channel separating the two islands. The water current through this narrow channel is very fast and dangerous.

The beaches of the Sister's Island offers the best sun, wind and sand to enjoy. Never miss to visit to the Sister's Island while you are in Singapore.

The islands are gifted with rich marine life and are believed to have the best coral reefs. You can find a wide variety of hard as well as soft corals at the beach. With Focus Singapore get the best available information regarding any aspect of Singapore travel and tourism.

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