Kampong Glam Singapore

Kampong Glam is regarded to be an area that was the seat of the royalty of the Malay community in Singapore. Kampong Glam is nestled at the north of the Singapore River and is a popular tourist destination. Kampong Glam has got its name from the Gelam tree that grew in this area. It is interesting to note here that the bark of the tree was used by the Malays and the Buginese to caulk the boats and they also extracted medicinal oil from the tree.

This place is considered to be the Muslim center of Singapore.

The two chief attractions of this place or the two places of visit at the Kampong Glam are the:

Sultan Mosque : Built in the year 1928, it is the biggest mosque of the island of Singapore and it can hold at a particular time about 5,000 people. The striking feature of this mosque is the golden dome. This mosque truly highlights the architecture of the Muslim community or it could be said that it speaks volumes about the creative bent of the Muslim architectures, who left no stones unturned to create this stunning piece of architecture.

Istana Kampong Glam : In recent times the Istana Kampong Glam got converted to the Malay heritage park.

After you have sunk in the beauty of the place, if the realization dawns on you that your appetite needs to be satisfied, then avail the best option available in Kampong Glam. Make yourself comfortably seated at the Tepak Sireh (the best restaurant of the Kampong Glam).

It is nestled at a bungalow and offers excellent food. So, enjoy your food while you enjoy the cultural performances organized by this restaurant. Pick up an artifact or furniture or select jewelry of your choice from the Bussorah Mall that is situated opposite the mosque. It is the ideal shopping place for those who are fond of handicraft and gift items mentioned above. Walk to explore the Kampong Glam, the Muslim area of Singapore. focussingapore.com offers complete information on Kampong Glam.

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