Cathay building Singapore

Cathay building is one of the most stunning architectures with a rich historical background. It was opened in 1939 and is known as the first and tallest building in Singapore and South East Asia with a height of 79.5 meters. The Cathay building was meticulously designed by Frank Brewer and was completed in the year 1939.

Cathay Building is visited by tourists round the year. The history of the place goes back to the year 1941 when Colonel Ferguson Warren from the Royal Marines came to Singapore to train the guerrillas in order to infiltrate Malaya.

This is when Cathay Building played an important role as the headquarters of the Special Operations Executive Orient Mission. This also became the military base for his operations.

In 1942 in the month of February, before the British surrendered to the Japanese, Cathay Building was the shelter for hundreds of British army deserters who sought refuge from the Japanese aerial and artillery bombardment.

Hereafter, the building was converted into a cinema and thereafter a hotel. Sometime in the 1950s, the hotel was converted into an apartment. It was declared as a National Monument in 2003.

At present, the Cathay building has undergone various transformations since then. The architecture has a new look and design while maintaining the art-deco facade of the 1930s.

Cathay Building certainly remains one of the most amazing architectures in Singapore and in Asia itself. It has captured the fancy of tourists for years with its history and beauty.

Cathay Building
Handy Road, Singapore

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