Holy Infant Jesus Chapel in Singapore

Holy Infant Jesus Chapel has a complex of convent buildings having a Gothic-style chapel that was used as a Catholic Convent for 131 years. The Chapel today is known as CHIJMES Hall and the Caldwell House is now an art gallery. The complex has been restored and now functions as a dining, shopping and entertainment centre with ethnic restaurants, functional halls, shops, etc. This centre hence provides a background for performing arts such as musicals, recitals, theatrical performances and weddings.

Holy Infant Jesus Chapel, known for its most stunning architectures of Singapore, consists of buildings of different periods and styles displaying unique diversification. There are courtyards and other expansive spaces, wall enclosures and lush landscaped gardens in contrast to the urban surroundings. There is a five storey spire that is flanked by flying buttresses to the entrance of the chapel.

There are 648 capitals on the columns of the chapel and the corridors bear a distinct mark of the tropical flora and birds. The nineteenth century architecture is an early Gothic style chapel with fine and intricate works like the plaster art, the wall frescoes and stained glass panels. The steeple, the original floor tiles, terracotta roof tiles and the marble plaques are all part of the stunning CHIJMES that still exists.

Some of the services here include lush green lawns, portable music systems, portable lighting system, stage lighting facilities and a white marquee system.

Holy Infant Jesus Chapel is a beautiful place for shoppers and tourists alike who look for entertainment as well as natural beauty. This is a magnificent piece of architecture that is flooded with tourists round the year making it a very popular attraction in Singapore.

Convent of Holy Infant Jesus Chapel
Victoria Street
Central Business Center, Singapore

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