Hong San See Temple Singapore

The Hong San See Temple or "Temple on Phoenix Hill" as it translates, is one of the oldest Chinese temples in Singapore. The temple measuring a total area of 3,447.2 square meters is located at the side of Institution Hill that is behind the Fort Canning Hill and overlooks Mohamed Sultan Road. The Hong San See Temple is believed to have been built out of deep respect for the God of Filial Piety. The story so goes that the deity had sold himself to slavery in order to pay for the maintenance of his parentís graves.

The temple is bound to fascinate visitors who are interested in temple architecture and history. The main entrance to the temple is made of double-leafed timber and painted with phoenixes and is flanked by two side doors painted with door gods. The roof ridges and eaves to the temple have the traditional Southern Chinese artwork called Chien Chien ornamentation and massive plaster-relief work.

There is a sloping granite block with ornamental carvings at the centre of the podium. The Guan Yin shrine is in the side hall while at the corner is the shrine to Swee Yee. The other deities worshipped here Cheng Huang and Xuan Tian Shang Di and Buddha. In addition to the various intricate carvings on the beams, calligraphy and dragon motifs, the one significant piece of art work is the images of the Eight Immortals of Taoism that is seen on the ceiling of the altar hall.

The Hong San See temple is a beautiful historical remnant that must be visited for its amazing architectural beauty.

Hong San See Temple
31, Mohammed Sultan Road
Singapore - 238975

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