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Singapore has an eventful history which is result of collective influence of many civilizations, cultures and people of different races. The heritage remnants of the ancient Singapore has been kept preserved in many of the museums and exhibition centers of Singapore. These museums and exhibition centers have been kept open for general public and visitors and tourists coming to the country to witness the vast and rich history and cultural diversity of the country.

Singapore encourages its budding artists, sculptures, painters and craftsmen to excel in their respective fields. For this the Singapore government has established the Singapore Art Museum. The museum is dedicated to the earlier and contemporary art and artists of all genres from all countries of the world.

Similarly one can well witness the presence of a number of exhibition centers in the country. Singapore, time to time organizes many events both at national and international levels to boost up the status of trade and investment in the country. The Singapore trade fair is dedicated to the develop the status of trade and business in the country. There are several other museums and exhibition centers in the country. Let us take extensive tours of the individual museums and exhibition centers one by one.

Exhibition Venues:
Suntec Singapore International Exhibition Centre: Popularly known as Suntec Singapore is Singapore’s premier exhibition centre. Situated at the central business district of Singapore, Suntec Singapore is an abundant multipurpose event venue spread in 1 million square meters of space. Major international events were held at this venue making it world famous. Among them were world WTO Ministerial conference 1996, East Asia Economic Summit, Asian Casino Expo, Singapore Motor Show, several career shows, IT shows, philatelic exhibitions, cyber exhibitions etc. makes the centre memorable.

Singapore Expo
Singapore Expo is the largest exhibition and conventions venue in Singapore managed by government funded PSA Corporation. It is under Ministry of Trade and Industry and functioning since 1999. the centre has ten spacious multipurpose halls with over 10,000 sq.mtrs., total space area over 100,000 sq.mtrs.

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