The National Museum of Singapore

National Museum of Singapore
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The National Museum of Singapore is the oldest museum in the city,dating back to the year 1849.The National Museum of Singapore houses exhibitions and displays focusing on Singapore's history.

The National Museum of Singapore stands on the Stamford Road at Singapore's Museum Planning area. The National Museum of Singapore is one among the four other national museums. In 1965 this museum came to be known as the National Museum of Singapore.

Singapore, S R Nathan along with the Minister for Information and Art unveiled the National Museum on the 7th of December, 2006 after it underwent a face-lift.

History of the National Museum of Singapore
The Singapore Institution committee established the Museum in the year 1849.Then known as the Raffles Library and Museum, it displayed items of archaeological and historical importance for the people of Asia and Singapore. The museum was housed in a library in the Singapore Institution which later came to be known as the Raffles Institution.

The Museum was shifted to the Town Hall in 1874 which is now known as the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall. However in 1876 it was again shifted to the Singapore Institution as its collections were increasing.

Architecture of the National Museum of Singapore

The National Museum is inspired by the Renaissance and neo-Palladian architecture. It is a domed building constructed as two parallel rectangular blocks. Henry McCullum and J.F. Mc Nair were the architects of the building .The front of the building are adorned with coats of arms. The museum has 2 rotundas in it. Local architects designed the re-furbished building, having the glassed rotunda but the old building still remained the main focus of the Museum.

Artifacts at the National Museum
Presently the National Museum has a proud collection of 11 treasured artifacts like Gold Ornaments from East Java's Sacred Hill, the Singapore Stone, Frank Athelstane Swettenham, the coffin of Tan Jiak Kim and Munshi Abdullah's Will

Facilities at the National Museum of Singapore
1.The gallery with a total area of 2800 sq. meter in the new glass-building will display Singapore's history from 14th century onwards, narrated in the form of a story.
2. A spiral platform within the new building takes visitors to an exhibition area which hoards Singapore's treasures including gold ornaments belonging to the 14th century and the famous "Singapore Stone". The Mesh, an auditorium at the entrance to Fort Canning which can hold up to 250 people will host lectures, talks and workshops for both old and the young.
3. There will be also a restaurant and a café and as well retail outlets.
4. There will be a collection of photographs, stamps, negatives, and old books at the resource-center of the Museum.

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