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The Singapore Art Museum, popularly known as SAM is undoubtedly playing an impressive role in exhibiting and promoting Singaporean and Southeast Asian art culture. It is equipped with international museum facilities and pro grammes, which display the collection of 20th-century Singapore and Southeast Asian modern and contemporary art through well-executed exhibitions. One can notice its amazing growth. The art museum of Singapore started with 93 works collected by the late Dato Loke Wan Tho, the eminent cinema magnet and art patron.

Recent study shows a rise from 2000 works to 4000 art creations and thereby making it the largest collection of 20th-century Southeast Asian art in the world. So, it is quite obvious that one needs to take a detailed look at the art museum of Singapore when it comes to analyze the art and cultural scenario of the land.

It is interesting to note that present Singapore Art Museum is located in a portion of the compounds of the first Saint Joseph's Institution and hence you can check out its amazing collection at 71, Bra Basah Road. The building has retained most of it's French Architecture Grandeur which is perfectly in tune with the concept of art museum. The art museum of Singapore opened in January 1996 as the first international-standard with the objective of promoting visual art. Let us check out the art collection and the aesthetic atmosphere of Singapore Art Museum.

The art lovers will be able to take a look at the works of Georgette Chen, Liu Kang, Chen Chong Swee, Lim Tze Peng and Huang Yao. Art museum of Singapore also exhibits a good collection of significant pieces by regional artists like Affandi, Hendra Gunawan, Pratuang Emijaroen, Montein Boonma, Le Pho and Bui Xuan Phai. The permanent collection is housed in two exhibitions, namely Imaging Selves and Landscape In Southeast Asian Art. FromThere to Now, based on Malaysian art and Indonesian art exhibition Soul Ties: The Land & Her People, are country specific ones.

One will definitely find an interactive art forum like atmosphere in Singapore Art Museum. Its 10,000-square metre floor space is well equipped with 14 full climate-controlled galleries, an electronic E-mage Gallery for interactive pro grammes featuring some of the museum's collection on a large visual monitor, and last but not the least a reference library, an auditorium, a multi-purpose hall, a museum shop, courtyards and a café, to chat and share your experiences and concepts regarding contemporary Southeast Asian art. Singapore Art Museum is definitely an interesting place to visit and do check out how international counterparts are collaborating with SAM to hold exhibitions and donate its rare collections to various venues in Europe and Asia.

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