New Water Visitor Centre

The NEWater Visitor Centre is a place that is truly loved by all tourists visiting Singapore. Newater Visitor Centre provides information on the various aspects of Newater as well as offers for great entertainment sessions through its numerous interactive games and multimedia presentations. The vast area of the Newater Visitor Centre has been designed in a way to cater to all forms of queries and clarifications regarding the use of 'advance in membrane' and water purification and also on the technologies used for producing Newater.

This novel idea was implemented on in order to transform and recycle waste water into portable water and thereby also strive to put an end to the ever-rising demand of fresh water in the city of Singapore.

The Newater Visitor Centre is one of the reputed sites of Singapore. This tourist site conveys to its visitors the technologies that are strongly linked to the water purification required for the production of the NEWater. This Centre takes the help of the multi media displays to allow the visitors/tourists a better understanding of the whole process and for further help you can always approach the guides who are there to make things easier and better for the tourists but the service provided by the guides are only limited to the explanation of the themes or the topics associated with water.

It would be a great educational experience especially for the children or students who have chosen subjects that has a connection with the production as well as the modern technologies that are put to use for the refinement of water. The tourists at this place would also get acquainted with the water related issues or themes or matters and would also be made aware of the facts associated with NEWater. Its an interesting place of visit and if you are planning a trip to Singapore then a visit to the NEWater Visitor Centre should be your top priority or it could said that your tour of Singapore would remain incomplete without a trip to this place.

There are about 5 tour sessions that one could choose from, depending on the convenience of timings. Each tour begins at a gap of 15 minutes from where the previous had ended. Each tour lasts for about an hour an half, ensuring pure fun, frolic and especially a very unique experience. Visit the Newater Visitor Centre for information, interactive games and above all a journey across the various aspects related to the production of recycled water.

Visiting the Newater Visitor Centre is convenient, owing to the numerous transportation options available to take one there. Shuttle services ply between the Tanah Merah MRT station and the Visitor Centre at several specific timings during the day. The 20 seater buses offer for a pleasant ride and raises your spirits to finally accumulate before arriving at the Visitor Centre!

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