Paying Guest Accommodations in Singapore

The evolution of Singapore is a nation that has something to offer to everybody. People from various parts of the world come to visit the Singapore for different reasons. Many people come for a longer stay in the country. These generally include students, researchers, business people and patients. Usually opting for a hotel is not possible for everyone, so many people prefer other forms of accommodations.

The cheapest and the most convenient option is a paying guest accommodation. Hotels and apartments would be an expensive alternative. You can search through the local Yellow Pages directories and newspaper classifieds, which can provide you a lot of listings for the Singapore paying guest facilities. You can also find couples and families from your own ethnic/regional background offering such facilities.

Visitors get the chance to know the place better and get a comfortable environment in a paying guest accommodation. They can avail all the facilities in a paying guest accommodation with very attractive price.

For example, it is very common to see the classifieds such as “a South Indian couple looking for a single person (preferably a South Indian) to rent a common room in a well furnished apartment.” Such paying guest accommodations are the best options for the single tenants as there you get the food you like, apart from air-conditioned rooms, access to washing machines and TV and other facilities. You get breakfast, lunch and dinner, as per the menu offered by the families. Such apartments are not only well furnished, but also are located near public transport stops and shopping malls. If you go directly to a family for paying guest accommodation, you need not pay any commission to the broker or agent.

There are many benefits of living as a PG, and major one is that it is a very cost-effective option, especially when you've just started a new job or business in an expensive city like Singapore. This way you can save a lot on finding rented accommodation and apartment and then buying the furniture, kitchen ware, washing machine, TV and other furnishing items. Your host would be your family; they would offer you assistance to navigate the city and would also help you find the shopping malls, doctors and the nearby grocery stores. They can also guide you regarding the most economic accommodations for long-term purposes. You have to be well versed with the city to find the most suitable localities with the right kind of accommodations/apartments with all the amenities in and around the area.

List of Paying Guest Accommodations, Singapore

It's also the best option for the newcomers in the city, because homesickness is very common initially and a family like environment is the most sought after thing. You can also share the car of your hosts too, if you happen to travel on the same route. Mass commuters often get stranded in a big city, so the car of your host can be a very good mode of commuting. You can also find the PG accommodations on websites such as and also in the “Housing Available” section (subsection: Rooms Available/Sublets) of

As a PG in Singapore you will get cordial and family like environment and precious advice and guidance to begin a new phase of your life in this city. You can also get an independent room as a PG, with all the facilities and amenities. Most of the Paying Guest Accommodations, ask for a fixed amount as rent, which covers the cost of food also. It also covers the charges for electricity, water and laundry. The average rent of a common room is SG$400-500 per month (on sharing basis) and the charges for bed spaces are generally from SG$200-300.

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