Shopping in Haji Lane

Singapore is often quoted as a shopper’s paradise. If you love retail therapy, then this nation will definitely prove to be therapeutic. Right from shops selling, street junk, to designer labels, you have to name it and you will find it. However, you just have to know the right places to look for. One of the best places from a fashionista’s perspective is the quaint, discrete lane, known as Haji lane in Singapore. This lane is a narrow offshoot of the Arab street, located in the Muslim district of Singapore.

The place will remind you of shopping in London and Hong Kong. It looks like Singapore’s take on Le Marais of Paris or Meatpacking district of New York. Just stop over a few boutique outlets on either side of Haji lane and you will know what I am hinting at. Just check out the following places to get a hang of Singapore’s shopping charm.

Know it nothing: Well don’t go by the name, but check out the store which looks nothing less than a stylish industrial space. It has some beautifully tailored clothes on display. The stylised clothes are stitched to perfection by some branded and big labels. For instance, dress shirts, which have silver skull buttons, are stitched by Japanese label Garni. In fact, this store stocks mostly foreign labels, so in case you have a fetish for brands and designer labels, then it is ‘the’ place for you.

The blog shop: I’m not talking about literary words, but rather pointing towards a setting which is a platform, showcasing the creative pursuits of fashion designers. Yes, this place rents space to some of the hottest and happening designers.

White room: This is another big label or designer clothing store. It was started by one of the members of local design shop. Mostly models are found to have their way to this store. It houses the creations of designers from Singapore.

Pluck: This store will remind you of looking at an interior decoration magazine. The get up, the boho feel of the stock, everything makes a statement. It houses some of the unconventional, very contemporary looking furnishings for your home that you won’t find anywhere else. When it’s shopping for home, then look around and pick some chic looking cushions, fabric, upholstery, furniture, pillows and rugs and certain other decorative elements. You can even buy apparels, accessories like bags and jewellery. The best part of the store is that it has a little ice cream parlour in the corner. Whenever you feel the need to cool some of that shopping heat, just slip into this parlour and chill out.

Salad shop: This might sound like a soup and salad bar, but it is a furniture store. This home store is done up in monochrome and has a black and white edge to it. With the decor at minimal and home furnishing in black and white, this place looks very different and classy. If you are home maker and love to do the house, then stopping by this store will not be bad idea.

Just when you get tired of the shopping, hop around to some of these coolest eating places in Haji Lane. There are restaurants serving a wide variety of foods and varied cuisines. Altazzag serves Egyptian food, while Bistro Parisien, serves French. If you are fond of something light and different, you can try Spanish tapas and Mexican delicacies at Piedra Negra. It has some of best ice cream parlours to beat the tropical sultry heat of Singapore. Connoisseurs of Middle Eastern food can make a way to Cafe le Caire on Haji lane as well.

Haji Lane is a perfect setting for a casual hangout or for a fun filled shopping spree. With so many options in clothing, home furnishings and eateries, one is bound to go dizzy. If you seriously wish to loosen your purse strings, then hit the place and don’t think of time.

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