Peninsula Plaza

Singapore is known to be thriving with malls. There are malls selling varied stuff to malls dealing with specific things, the numbers are infinite. However, each mall looks distinct either owing to the kinds of products it deals with or the people, who are readily, seen in the mall. For instance, there is Lucky Plaza, bustling with Indonesian and Filipino crowd of domestic workers.

Similarly, Peninsula mall can be labelled as Singaporeís very own little Burma. Almost a majority of Burmese workers are found to be working and dealing with Burmese goods inside the mall. One of the major reasons of coming across these many Burmese people is the fact that a huge population from the community has made the nation its home. Singapore governmentís healthy tie ups with Burmese military government have allowed the influx of Burmese people into the nation. Easy work permits and students visas to the community are evidence to the healthy relationship of Singapore with Burma.

History and Location
The plaza was built in the year 1980 on the exclusive design of Alfred Wong partnership. The tall structure with a maximum height of 381 feet has been labelled as a skyscraper.

The shop is located at one of busiest streets of Singapore called Coleman Street. To be more precise, it is located on 111, North Bridge Road of Singapore.

Most of the shops inside the mall will make you feel like a tourist in Burma. This is due to the large number of Myanmar shops, selling goods specific to their nation. However, most of the shops are small and are small businesses run by business families. The sales people are nice, polite and extremely courteous, who relay know how to make oneís shopping experience a memorable one.

Mostly the shops deal with Myanmar specific products like Burmese textiles, arts, crafts, crockery, lacquer ware, books, preserved food products, etc. If you are looking for buying souvenirs, this mall will offer you a lot more than you can imagine. However, buy ethnic goods for its appeal. For instance, if you are in love with wrap around skirts, then buy the traditional piece of clothing , called Longyi from here. It is a unisex wrap around skirt. You can visit stores like Shan Taung Tann Pte Ltd., Win Myanmar, Y & G Minimart or Konota Department store for casual browsing and picking up authentic Burmese stuff.

If you are an experimental foodie, then you should definitely try out the Burmese cuisine that is found inside the mall. The very typical fish sauce aroma permeating in the air highlights the strong presence of the Burmese community on here. The ground floor of the mall is bursting with restaurants, selling different types of Burmese food. Burmese fish soups, curries and stir fries are common on their menu cards.

Restaurants like Inle Myanmar restaurant, Irrawaddy Restaurant Pt. Ltd., Wathnomyay and Yanant Thit Pte Ltd. specializes in authentic Burmese food. Apparently, many visitors have had raving reviews about Shan noodles available at Loi Nine, which is located at the first floor of the mall. Burmese salads at Win Myanmar, located on the fourth floor is equally popular among the visitors.

Other than shopping for authentic Burmese goods and Burmese food, the mall houses several shops dealing in musical instruments like guitars, electronic gadgets, money changers, travel agencies etc. More than a typical shopping experience, Peninsula mall is aimed to cater to a tourist experience. Right from small shops selling Burmese trinkets to eating Burmese food of varied kinds, the mall adds up to a touristís expectations in every way. Visit this mall if you wish to take a break from the regular glitzy shopping malls of Singapore.

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