Singapore Airport Duty Free Shopping

Changi International Airport is considered as a haven in terms of Singapore duty free shopping. There are several duty free shops at Changi International Airport offering you the facility of duty free shopping. Duty free shopping in Singapore is defined as one of the advantages that are offered to the people, especially the visitors, to buy as much as they want without having to pay any extra bucks. Visitors coming to Singapore who are in Changi International Airport or are going to some other place via Singapore can thoroughly enjoy the facility of Singapore Airport duty free shopping. There are several benefits of this shopping option, one of them is more and more shopping without creating a hole in the pocket.

About Airport Duty Free Shopping
At Changi International Airport Singapore, you can shop almost anything and everything at reasonable rates. It is truly an advantage for the visitors as well as the returning or departing residents of Singapore.

One can find a huge range of those duty free shops that are offering you such items, which are free from custom duty. In fact, it can also be said that the airport duty free shops are popular for their good quality duty free goods. So, Singapore duty free shopping at airports is literally defined as a sort of easily accessible shopping. One more important aspect that needs to be mentioned in this context is that the visitors have to leave the country within 48 hours if they wish to enjoy the advantage of shopping of duty free goods. In Singapore, the travelers are not allowed to carry the goods with them; their goods will be delivered by an airline employee instead.

The travelers can use their credit cards for purchasing the duty free goods. Another restriction that the travelers must remember is that they have to purchase the goods within the maximum amount fixed by the government. If they cross the maximum limit, they have to face surcharges.

Duty Free Products
The duty free goods differ from the general goods on which government has imposed certain taxes. The duty free products are meant for those customers who will leave the country with these products. In this special case, the government lifts these extra charges (or taxes). The experience of duty free shopping at Changi International Airport will definitely be an enriching one. Have a look at some of the Singapore Airport duty free shopping products available in the airport, which are listed below –
  • Perfumes
  • Liquor
  • Branded fashion apparels
  • MP3 players
  • Jewelries
  • Books
  • Digital cameras
  • Watches
Airport Duty Free Shops
There duty free shops at Singapore’s Changi International Airport are very popular because they provide the shoppers with a diversified range of custom free items. Singapore airport duty free shops are a kind of must visits for the travelers. Some of the shops also give the visitors several attractive offers in order to raise their temptation towards the shops. For instance, the duty free liquor shop at the airport offers wine tasting opportunities where one can taste a variety of international liquor brands.

DFS Changi International Airport
Terminal 2 Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore 819643

Telephone: +65 6542 0255
Open: 6.00am through the last flight
Liquor shop is open all the 24 hours

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