Sungei Road Thieves Market

In Singapore, if one has to indulge in a local flea market shopping experience, then he should come to Sungei road thieves market. As the name goes, it did use to have a huge stock of piled stolen goods, which were sold here in olden days. However, ever since the authorities stepped in, the stolen goods vanished overnight and now most of the peddlers are believed to make an honest living out of their sale. There have been many a stories retold about several millionaires, who made their living right from scratch, right from this thieves market.

In spite of that, many people are still of the assumption that if they lose anything in the house, they might readily find it in Sungeiís thieves market.

Sungei Road is located between Jalan Besar and Rochor canal Road. This place is also known as Gek Sng Kio, which means frosted bridge. In earlier days, this road was an important route in supplying ice blocks. This was owing to the close proximity of Singapore Ice works, which was built near the road in 1930ís. However, the factory was shut down in late 80ís.

The place is a source of income to peddlers, who donít pay any taxes. They simply spread a mat or a rug and display their trinkets with pride. Whether you like it or not, everything has a fixed price. However, if you have the skill to bargain, you might be able to get your favourite pair of shoes for less. The best part of this flea market is that you get to bargain, which might not be a possibility with Singaporeís upmarket, posh and glitzy mega malls. The market usually is alive from seven in the morning to late evening on almost all the days.


There is something to delight a foodie, who is stopping by the flea market. Check out Sungei road laksa, which is atypical of this place. It is a spicy Singaporean noodle soup, which dates back and is as old as the road itself. Try this at Jin Shui Kopitiam, which means coffee shop in Malay. They use charcoal fire to keep the gravy warm and syrupy. This place was initially set up as a push cart stall by Wong brothers, who served the dish topped with bean sprouts and homemade fish cakes.

How to get there
If you are getting there by cab, then the cab driver will easily identify the place by its name as its quite popular. However, if you are on your own then all you need to do is to take the east-west line to Bugis MRT station. It will be a ten minutes walk from the station, towards the Rocher centre. It is a popular landmark around the flea market. In fact, the surrounding area of Sungei road thieves market housed several affluent Europeans and Asians at one point of time.

If you are tired and bored visiting the malls and eating in posh fine dining bistros, then take a break from the bling and head to Sungei road thieves market for a subdued feel of life. An evening in the bustling market will make you more than happy, especially after you see the quantity of things bought with just a little amount of money.

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