Vivocity Shopping Mall, Singapore

VivoCity is a vivacious shopping city in Singapore which redefines the concept of shopping by blending entertainment and recreation into it. The shopping complex has been built in Harbourfront. According to the chairman of the mall, VivoCity is meant to be more than a shopping escapade; it is meant to be a lifestyle experience. The modern state of the art mall is open and accessible by everyone and is one of the most energetic places in the bubbly country of Singapore. The futuristic design is the brainchild of Toyo Ito, the Japanese architect.

Sprawled over one and a half million square feet, VivaCity is a spacious behemoth of a structure which cost $417 million to build. But the end product has been extremely satisfying. The open spaces facing the waterfront, continuously ongoing events and festivals and unlimited shopping experiences have made this shopping center a major attraction for tourists from all over the world. The design of the structure is extremely attractive and is a pleasant respite from the box like buildings that characterize most of Singapore. Also unique in the mall is the use of natural elements. You can see a lot of greenery which refreshes you as you shop your heart out.

Ultimate Shopping Experience
For shopping, you will not get a better place in Singapore. The mall can accommodate up to three hundred retail stores. You find stores by most of the top international brands here. Concept store by National Geographic is very unique, especially because it is a flagship venture. Another concept store is the HyperStore. This is a one stop shop for all your grocery, stationary and lifestyle needs. Spread over two floors and covering an area of 115,000 square feet, the HyperStore offers three kinds of shopping experiences – Giant Hypermarket which is infused with numerous retail products, Cold Storage for a whole range of healthy organic foods and Guardian Health and Beauty Store where you can buy the best beauty products and services.

When you step into Vivocity, there is nothing that you will not get here. From books and sports accessories to clothes and electronics, all sorts of merchandize have been brought under a single roof in VivoCity. What is more, these stores put up regular sales and irresistible offers. Special events such as fashion shows are organized and a whole range of beautiful merchandize is offered on rebate. Special offers are provided for tourists as well, especially in the peak tourist season of the country.

Major Highlights
One of the highlights of the mall is its huge roof top amphitheatre in the Sky Park which hosts numerous events. The mall also features a promenade which spans over 300 meters. More entertainment and recreational spaces are added in the form of children’s playground, Play Court, wading pool, a 15 cinema multiplex and rooftop pool as large as four Olympic pools put together. The promenade, which is sea facing, has a restaurant which serves great food. The strategic location of this dining area makes it possible for diners to enjoy stunning views of Sentosa Island while they dine. The mall also houses attractive features such as dancing clubs, fitness centers, spas and restaurants. The two huge food courts add to gastronomical delight of tired shoppers.

Other Facilities
In order to make the entire shopping and entertainment facility more convenient, functional aspects have been well taken care of in VivoCity. It is equipped with over twenty one hundred car parking lots, in addition to a loading/unloading bay. Separate bay has been provided for tour buses and coaches. In all, shopping in VivaCity is a great experience not just because you have a whole lot of merchandize and entertainment facilities to enjoy, but also because of the meticulous incorporation of functional features.

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