Cruise from Singapore to India

Singapore means ‘Land of the Lion’. The scenic city-state includes a main island and around 60 islets. Apart from being one of the major hubs for tourism and entertainment, Singapore has the busiest port in the world and operates numerous passenger ships, containers, yachts and other vessels. If you are on a return trip from Singapore to India, you must go for a cruise.

The cruise from Singapore to India has been pulling large crowds and is one of the major attractions that have helped to promote tourism in Singapore.

List of Cruise ships from Singapore to India
Some of the cruise ships which have ports of call in Singapore as well as in India include:

  • SuperStar Virgo: SuperStar Virgo, known for its top class dining and entertainment facilities and services, takes you to the places where the sun, sea, people and rich culture combine colorfully well. The trip is full with never-ending fun and activities. Enjoy a memorable cruise to the most exotic parts of Asia on this floating resort.

  • SuperStar Libra: SuperStar Libra is perfectly designed to meet the needs of the passengers. Its relaxed and resort-style setting is an exception to the conventional model of cruising. If you want a break from the stress of everyday life, the exclusive floating resort of SuperStar Libra in the high seas can be the ideal destination. It offers a remarkable array of dining, entertainment and recreational facilities and services along with warm Asian hospitality.

The cruise ships will take you to a number of beautiful ports of call. While onboard, you can take part in several entertaining activities as well. The luxury cruise ships offer excellent dining and entertainment facilities for their guests. Just be a part of a cruise from Singapore to India and you will surely have a wonderful experience of holiday cruising along the high seas.

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