Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo was formerly known as the Singapore Zoological Gardens. It is also locally known as the Mandai Zoo. The zoo is covered by an area of 28 hectares of land on the margins of the Upper Seletar Reservoir in heavily forested central catchment area of Singapore. Singapore Zoo was built by the Government of Singapore at a cost of SGD $9m and was opened on 23 June 1973 for the public.

The Singapore Zoo is an effort initiated by Wildlife Reserves.

Singapore (WRS) that also manages and maintains other two major attractions in the region namely; Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park. Mostly known as a world-class leisure attraction, Singapore Zoo serves a noble cause of education, recreation and natural environment conservation.

The zoo attracts more than 1.3 million visitors from all over the world every year. The zoo is a unique and rare shelter for world's most precious and endangered species of animals and birds. Singapore Zoo is known to follow the modern trends of popularizing animals in a natural and open environment. With more than 315 species of animal, which include about 16% endangered and threatened species, the zoo attracts more than 1.4 million visitors every year. The zoo is built as a model of the 'open zoo' concept, where the animals are kept in large, landscaped enclosures.The zoo organizes various activities, among which "Breakfast with an Orangutan" is a major attraction. The zoo serves the dual purpose of education as well as conservation. The zoo is engaged in various rescue and conservation initiatives to protect wild and endangered animals.

Singapore Zoo has earned many names and fame in the field of wildlife conservation and safety.

The zoo is the proud recipient of many prestigious awards, such as
The zoo is also regarded as the top 10 Best Family Experience and is voted as one of the best loved pro-family businesses location. Enjoy your best time with Singapore Zoo while you are in Singapore.

Singapore Zoo is also referred to as Taman Haiwan Singapura. It is also commonly referred to as Mandai Zoo. The zoo was formerly referred to as Singapore Zoological Gardens and is built on an area of 0.28 square kilometers. It is situated near the Upper Seletar Reservoir. It took S$9 million to build the zoo that was opened for public use from 27th June 1973.

The operating body of the zoo is Wildlife Reserves Singapore. The zoo features approximately 2530 animals belonging to various species almost 16 percent of these species belong to the threatened category. The zoological garden experiences approximately 1.6 million visitors per year.
Right from the time it started the zoo has been keeping its inhabitants in open enclosures that give an impression of naturalness. The zoo has one of the bigger collections of orangutans.

Following are the various types of animals that visitors will be able to see at the zoo:

Sumatran OrangutanAfrican hunting dogChimpanzeeSun Bear
Burmese pythonKing cobraTree-KangarooGreater Flamingo
White TigerBanded MongooseMandrillSaltwater crocodile
Sail-finned water dragonAlligator snapping turtleGrey KangarooGuanaco
African LionCaracalDouc LangurCuvier's dwarf caiman
Bearded dragonRhinoceros iguanaEmuLeopard Cat
CheetahJaguarProboscis MonkeyFalse gharial
Australian frilled lizardGreen iguanaKoalaMalayan Tapir
GiraffeLeopardSpider MonkeySpitting cobra
Green anacondaGila monsterBurmese PythonManed Wolf
White RhinocerosMountain LionHamadryas BaboonKomodo dragon
Common boaRing-tailed lemurCalifornia Sea LionPygmy Hippopotamus
ZebraAsian ElephantPolar BearReticulated Python
Western diamondback rattlesnakeMalayan Flying FoxCotton-top TamarinInuka

So dont wait and get a chance to see large variety of animals at one place.

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