St. James Power Station

Singapore is one of the most sophisticated, developed and clean country in the world. However, there is another aspect about Singapore which does not go unnoticed – its creativity and innovation. Who would have thought that a coal powered power plant, which was built in 1927 in order to supply power to the surrounding industries, homes and shipyards, would one day be transformed into the most pulsating and happening entertainment centers in the country? Singapore has done it again and this time, the “wow” quotient is much bigger.

St. James Power Station is located in HarbourFront and is very close to VivaCity, the biggest shopping and entertainment mall in the country. Spread over 70,000 square feet, this entertainment complex houses nine facilities which are home to numerous entertainment activities.

Main Powerhouse
The main powerhouse has been converted into one of the biggest entertainment rooms in the complex. The interiors have been done in keeping with the history of the place. Designed in the industrial style, the terrace, main area and bar attract young crowds who love to let their hair down and swing to party beats. The resident DJs of the Powerhouse do a great job of keeping revelers on their feet. Spread over 10,000 square feet, every inch of this space is alive with activity. Especially attractive is the structure of the room. The roof is at a height of five floors. So, you feel like you are clubbing in a cavern. The structure of the building also enhances the advanced acoustic effect and makes it one of the most unique clubbing experiences in the world.

Boiler Room
What was the boiler room of the power plant in the past is now The Boiler Room of St. James Power Station, the entertainment hub. This room is a paradise for music lovers. From rock to soul music, everything is played here all the time. You cannot help but groove to the music which blasts out of high power speakers.

Bellini Room
If dancing is your thing, your destination is the Bellini Room in St. James. The glamour quotient of the room notwithstanding, the sheer variety of dance forms that can be enjoyed here is simply breathtaking. Even if you have two left feet and dancing has never been your thing, you cannot help but tap your feet to the dance notes of the Bellini Room house band.

Dragonfly Room
Another very popular hangout is the Dragonfly room. This room features two resident bands which get all charged up after 6PM. The room specializes in Mandopop music. Bigger shows are hosted where three resident bands dish out the best Mandopop. Along with the singers of the band, the six dancers bring the scene alive and charge it up with electricity.

Gallery Bar
For people who want to enjoy some soothing luxury, there is the Gallery Bar. Done in perfectly cosmopolitan style, the Bar offers a lovely view of the entire entertainment complex from inside. After hard dancing and head-banging, the Bar is the place to relax. Another place which offers some relief from the charged up atmosphere of the powerhouse is St. James Wine Bar and Bistro. Decorated in typical European style, the Bar and Bistro are opulent in every way. You get some lip smacking snacks too.

In addition to these, St. James Power Station also features live performances at The Lobby, the karaoke hub Mono, great Latin and African music at Movida, live screening of sports at the New Paper Sports Bar and so much more. So, if you are looking for entertainment and are confused where to head, make your way straight to St. James. With so much variety, you can have a blast. The Power Station is the hottest, biggest and most happening clubbing center in the country.

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