10 Reasons to Visit Singapore Once in a Lifetime

1.A city with safety, greenery and cleanliness
Singapore is one of the most livable cities in the word, because not only it is one of the safest cities in the word, it is one of the most green and environment friendly country in the world.† Government has strict regulations about number of vehicles allowed in the city to minimize pollution and congestion on roads.† Around 5% of the surface area is reserved for nature, which makes the air fresh.† Dirty activities such as littering and spitting are punishable offenses.

2.An attractive airport
Singaporeís Changi International Airport is a well organized and a beautiful building.† It is not just an airport, but the place, where you can shop, roam around and enjoy wonderful spas and massages.† The airport looks more like a resort and offers you a wonderful and cozy experience with places like a tropical garden with butterflies etc.

3.The Helix Bridge
It is Singapore's iconic landmark, which links Marina Bay to Marina Center. †It is a 300 m pedestrian way featuring the double helical structure, which is first of its kind in the world.† It is also a stunning work of engineering performed with great precision. It is a memorable experience to walk through this way.

4.Excellent integrated public transport
Singapore public transport system is integrated and you can use the same access card to travel in MRT (fast metro trains), LRT (light rapid transit) and city buses, which connect the city from corner to corner.

5.Singapore Flyer (The largest observation wheel on the planet)
Equal to a 42 storey building, the grand Singapore Flyer is around 170m high, so itís even higher than London Eye. Itís once in a lifetime experience to ride in this Flyer, which was built with a budget of S$250 million. †This is the place which offers an unmatched panoramic view of Singapore skyline.

6.A haven for food lovers
Singapore offers exotic food from around the world, so if you are a food lover, Singapore offers you unforgettable experience at some of the leading restaurants and food joints including Marina Bay restaurant area. †It offers multi-ethnic culinary delights with renowned chefs and their special dishes.

7.A city of arts
Singapore is committed to reign as the leading Asian city in terms of arts.† It invests heavily to develop itself as a leading arts and entertainment destination. †This effort has paid off as you can see art galleries in every nook and corner of Singapore. †Though, it welcomes contemporary art from around the world, because of its cosmopolitan look, yet itís completely Asian in nature. It offers plethora of events and art festivals for the art lovers.

8.A shopping paradise
Singaporeís glitzy malls, shopping arcades and luxury supermarkets offer the widest range of luxury brands.† Just roaming around in a mall is fun and a refreshing activity.† Singapore is breathtakingly cosmopolitan and vibrant and is one of the best places in the world for shopping.

9.Good for gamblers
Singapore has many famous casinos and itís just next to Las Vegas in terms of casinos.† Two modern resort casinos have been opened in 2010 making it one of hottest gambling destinations in the world and the leading one in the entire Asia.

10.Marina Bay Sands Hotel, a dream destination in Singapore
Marina Bay Sands Hotel, a dream hotel with 55 floors is futuristic in terms of design and engineering excellence. †It has around 2500 luxury suites, which provide 3600 panoramic view of the Island state. A gigantic vessel like structure built over three separate structures acts like a platform.† It has a grand pool, which is 150m long and it provides the hotel an out of this world look at dizzying height of 200m above the ocean.

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