10 Worst Earthquakes in Singapore

Seismic situation in and around Singapore

The reason behind earthquakes is the shift of tectonic plates under the crust of the earth. Singapore’s geographical location is a blessing as most of the earthquakes happen in the neighboring areas of Java and Sumatra. It is shielded by Java Trench and the Philippines Sunda Plate Trench, making it relatively safe from the harsh effects of the seismic waves.

Despite this, there are a lot of predictions about Singapore being hit by a major earthquake someday as it is in close proximity to areas which are prone to earthquakes. Here’s a list of all the tremors and earthquakes which have caused furor in the otherwise safe island of Singapore.

1) 1833 Sumatra Earthquake:
The first ever earthquake, which affected Singapore, happened on 25th November, 1833. With a magnitude of around 8.8-9.2 on Richter scale, a volcanic eruption in Sumatra resulted in the Singapore experiencing its very first earthquake.

2) April 11, 2012:
An earthquake of a magnitude of 8.7 caused havoc in Indonesia over the coast of Aceh. The tremors were felt in Singapore for about two to three minutes.

3) September 12, 2007:
Southern Sumatra was afflicted by nature’s fury which hit hard in the form of an earthquake of magnitude 7.9 in 2007. Large parts of Central and Eastern Singapore felt the tremors.

4) March 6, 2007:
Slight tremors were experienced in Singapore with a 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Southern Sumatra.

5) July 2, 2013:
An earthquake hit Central Aceh in Sumatra with a magnitude of 6.1 in 2013. It led to Singapore feeling slight quivers.

6) September 30, 2009:
The Sumatran earthquake of magnitude 7.6 resulted in slight tremors in Singapore. People rushed out of the buildings, but it resulted in no harm.

7) Dec 26, 2004:
The Indian Ocean earthquake was near about fatal and its magnitude observed was 9.1-9.3. Though Singapore remained unaffected, it did stir tremor for a few seconds. The Tsunami caused by this earthquake killed 3 lakh people in Indonesia.

8) May 26, 2006:
The 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit the Indonesian island, Java. This affected the land of Singapore trembling for 5-10 seconds.

9) June 4, 2000:
South-West Sumatra was hit by the earthquake and the tremor was felt in Singapore. It was minor and Singapore did not face any adversities because of this calamity.

10) September 5, 2011:
The Aceh earthquake destroyed hundreds of houses in Indonesia and caused horror for two to three seconds in Singapore.

So, we can draw the conclusion that Singapore is one of the safest countries, when it comes to being earthquake prone. The country has not yet experienced any earthquake till date.

The studies have time and again reconfirmed that there is little chance of a seismic activity in Singapore and thus it remains safe from earthquakes, tsunamis and landslides. The worst and the near fatal calamities have happened in Singapore’s neighborhood in Indonesia but Singapore has been safe and sound.

Though, the government has taken nothing for granted and they are on a constant mission to ensure the safety of people living in Singapore. The buildings are being constructed in a way that they can withstand any such calamity.

Disclaimer: The data provided here is based on the facts and research using available sources. As the data is made available on "as is" basis and subject to change anytime. This website shall not be liable for any discrepancy found in the data on our site and actual figures.

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