Top 10 accident points in Singapore

Every year Singapore welcomes thousands of tourists from all over the world. The beautiful beaches, islands, luxuries and shopping plazas are some of the features that attract people into the land of lions. Though, there is a mere increase of 1.45% in vehicular population this year, over 7926 fatal and injury accident cases have been registered this year so far. An increase of 758 accidents from the total accidents reported last year. The major cause of road accidents in Singapore is – inattentiveness, speeding, under age driving, drinking and driving, using cell phones while driving among several others. The Top 10 accident points in Singapore are:

1. Ronchor/ Burgis Area:The Cross junction at Bugis has been a site of three major accidents in the past year. First, an over speeding Ferrari hit a taxi, killing three people. Two weeks later, a Lexus hit two more cars before stopping, there were no casualties. Days later a black Mercedes crashed headlong into a bus. It had been found that the drivers in all the three cases had exceeded the speed limit and jumped over the red light.

2.  Clementi Ave Exit: The slip road exit to Clementi Ave 6, leading to Common wealth west road through the tunnel, has for long been congested due to narrow parts and sharp turns. The Pan Island Expressway has for long being preferred by heavy vehicles. The worst accident occurred when a speeding BMW hit the divider between the tunnel and filter lane, the accident was nasty.

3. Simei Road Exit: The Pan Island Expressway diverges into two lanes which merge into one narrow lane at Simei Road, which is a major cause of accidents. The drivers tend to misjudge the distance, due to which there are frequent accidents on the roads during the morning and evening peak hours. A multiple crashed vehicle pileup has also been witnessed.

4. BKE Woodlands Exit: This stretch is heavy jam packed with vehicles during the peak hours. Accidents frequently occur while the vehicles tend to either filter of BKE or further head to Jurong. Once, on a rainy evening collision of a motor-cycle, a lorry, car and a van lead to a traffic jam from Toa Payoh to Kallang Area. The road was at standstill for over 1.5 hours.

5. Lornie Road:  The stretch of road leading from Lornie, Braddell, Farrer and Adam road is beset with heavy jams in the peak hours in both forward as well as reverse route. This stretch is particularly preferred by motorists to pass by ERP’s along the CTE during the peak traffic hours. There have been over 5 accidents reported on this road so far.

6. Shears Bridge Exit: The stretch connecting the city to Benjamin Sheares’ Bridge and Kallang Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) is extremely accident prone. The stretch is commonly jam packed with motor cyclists returning home, the jam starts at the Keppel Area (AYE).

7. Ronchor Road Exit: The stretch from Marine Parade to Ronchor Exit, is heaving packed with vehicles during the morning peak hours. Usually the road becomes jammed in case of an accident. At times, the traffic jams tailed back from Keppel to Bedok when major accidents took place.

8. Chua Chu Kang: The road stretching from Bukit Timah, Bt Panjang, Chua Chu Kang witnesses several road accidents every year, which usually involves heavy vehicles running during the peak morning and evening hours.

9. Lentor Avenue: The stretch between Yishun Ave, Sembawang and Lentor Awe is heavily used by nearby residents for commuting to work school etc. This results in heavy traffic during the morning as well as evening peak hours in forward as well as reverse direction.

10. Paragon Orchard Turn:  The orchard turn heading towards Paragon or Takashima is heavily used during the late afternoon hours, leading to the deadliest accidents. Traffic comes nearly to stand-still around the turn.

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