Top 10 accidents in Singapore

Fortunately, Singapore is encased between Borneo and Malaysia. Thus, the island is safe from natural disasters like typhoons, tsunamis etc. Also, the country of Singapore supports the concept of harmonious multiculturalism i.e. the society of Singapore is diverse. The marketing and business opportunities attract many people originally from different parts of the world to settle on the islands of Singapore. Therefore, Singapore is one of the five least disaster prone countries in the world, but there were some accidents that shook the entire nation. Top 10 accidents in Singapore are:

1. Flight 117 hijack:In the year 1991, the worst airline disaster struck the Singapore Airlines Flight 117. The flight was hijacked by 4 terrorists of Pakistani origin while on route from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. After their demands were not fulfilled, they threatened to kill the hostages, but before they could begin, the commandos took charge of the situation, killed all the terrorists and freed the hostages. Also, the plane safely landed at Changi Airport, Singapore.

2. Qantas Flight 32 mid-air engine failure: On November 4, 2010, Qantas Airbus A380, one of the largest passenger aircrafts in the world, suffered from a one of a kind engine failure. The aircraft was carrying as many as 443 passengers and 29 crew members, who narrowly escaped death. As per inspection report, engine no. 2 was missing a turbine disc that led to the engine failure. The debris from the accident fell on schools and houses, causing minor structural damage.

3. Spyros disaster: It was a major industrial disaster that occurred in Singapore on October 12, 1978 at Jurong Shipyard. The Greek tanker Spyros, which had arrived in Singapore for general repairs and special survey, had exploded into flames. As many as 76 people lost their lives in the accident.

4. Floods of 1978: In the year 1978, the country of Singapore was flooded, which endangered the lives of the inhabitants and also had a scaring impact on the economy of Singapore. Nearly 7 people were killed due to the floods, while thousands of people were successfully evacuated to safer places. The floods are the worst disasters that have ever hit Singapore.

5. South East Asian Flood:  From 2006 to 2007, the three South East Asian Countries namely- Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia were washed away by in rushing flood water.  As many as 76 Singaporeans lost their lives, while thousands were timely rescued by the police and the armed forces.

6.  "Hotel New World" collapses: A six storey hotel building built at the junction of Serangoon Road and Owen road rose to ground in less than 60 seconds on March 15, 1986. Over 50 people were suspected to be trapped under the rubble. But, only 17 could be rescued, while the thirty three others were killed. This till date has been the deadliest disaster Singapore has ever seen.

7. Flames at Bukit Ho Swee: In 1961, a fire broke out in an unlawful resident settlement area in Bukit Ho Swee. As many as 16,000 became homeless while many burnt to ashes as over 2200 houses were caught by the flame. This was one of the worst fire accidents that shook Singapore. Again, in 1968 Bukit Ho Swee again caught fire, leaving 300 people homeless.

8. Nicoll Highway Collapse: On April 20, 2004 the worst construction accident took place, the Nicoll highway collapsed. A tunnel was under construction as a part of the underground Circle Line, when suddenly the supporting structure failed, resulting in a 30 meter deep cave. The collapse claimed four lives, while three sustained major injuries.

9. Cable Car Accident: Since 1974, cable car was used in transportation; unfortunately in 1983 a cable car accident took place. The cable that connected between Jardine steps and Sentosa Island had been hit by an oil rig, causing sinking of two cabins into the ocean, submerging 7 people into the ocean.

10. Dengue Attack: This tropical fever has claimed the lives of many Singaporean residents. There are over 10,000 cases of Dengue every year. In the year 2004, over 14006 cases of dengue had been registered.

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