Top 10 All Time Hit Movies in Singapore

Movies have always been a great source of entertainment in Signapore. Although movies were made in Singapore from the 1950s, they were mostly or Chinese or Malay origin. The new and powerful phase of Singapore film industry began in 1991 with the movie ‘Medium Rare’. This young industry already has great movies in its kitty. Listed below is the list of Top 10 all time hit Movies of Singapore.

1.12 Storeys (1997): Starring Jack Neo and Kho Boon Pin, 12 Storeys was the first Singaporean movie to be screened at Cannes. An Eric Khoo feature film, its gripping storyline about 3 stories intertwined was seen as a breakthrough in the Singapore film industry.

2.Money No Enough (1998): Starring a team of television actors, Money No Enough saw Jack Neo creating magic as a writer this time. This light hearted comedy was a phenomenal success. The plot of the story and its direction was very realistic and showcased the everyday quest of someone who gets quick money. Although made with a low budget of S$ 1million, it stands as the highest grosser (local film) with S$ 5.8 million profits.

3.Forever Fever (1998): Starring Adrian Pang and Medaline Tan, Glen Goei has immortalized disco is his dance flick ‘Forever Fever’.  The plot is set in the late seventies, and makes you want to go back to that era. The story goes around a young man Hock, played by Adrian Pang. The movie is about the changes that happen in his life.

4.Liang Po Po: The Movie (1999): Starring Jack Neo in the lead role, Liang Po Po: The Movie’ is a close competitor to ‘Money No Enough’. It was one of the most famous movies made in 1999. It was also the only to be commercially successful in that year with a gross collection of S$ 3.03 million.

5.I Not Stupid (2002) : Jack Neo seems to be the reigning monarch of the Singapore film industry. Starring in I not Stupid, he was instrumental in marking a new peak in Singaporean film industry. A story is from the perspective of 3 students who barely manage to get through education with very poor grades. The story is about how they see the excessively competitive academic way of life. It’s sharp, cutting story telling style struck a chord with the audience.

6.15: The Movie (2004): Starring Melvin Lee, Melvin Chen, Vynn Soh and Erick Chun, this movie is extremely close to reality and almost feels like a slap on the face. Directed by Royston Tan, a young commercial short film director, the movie could not pass the censor board because of its sensitive content. It is based on drug-abusing criminals. Try watching the uncut version to get the real taste of the script.

7.Zombie Dogs (2004):Zombie Dogs, directed by Tan Pin Pin, is a story about a movie maniac Toh Hai Leong, and how he manages his job as a security guard. The movie brings in different tones to keep the interest of the audience. It is marked with dark humor to keep you riveted.

8.Careless Whisper (2005) : Another Royston Tan short film, Careless Whisper is about a boy who is dumb. The plot follows the story of how he tries to win over his dream girl. It is a timeless, classic movie and brings more than just a smile to your heart.  The great story and simple storytelling are the reasons behind this movie’s great success.

9.Singapore Dreaming (2006): Starring Yeo Yann Yann and Richard Low, the movie is special to Singapore because Woo Yen Yen and Colin Go, its screenwriters, were the first Singaporeans to win Montblanc New Screenwriters Award. Their highly acclaimed movie, Singapore Dreaming, won several awards worldwide. A familiar story with great actors pulled off this amazing movie with grace.

10.Sandcastle (2010) : "Starring Joshua Tan, Sandcastle is another great movie fit to be an all time hit. The young and award winning short film director Boo Jun Feng gave Singapore film industry one of its greatest flicks. Sandcastle is a great story of the inevitable course of time through life, love, illness and death. Seen through the eyes of a young lad En, its beauty lies in its simplicity.
Singapore Film Industry has come of age, and how!

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