Top 10 Bakeries in Singapore

Bakeries are always a temptation for everyone. When you think about that loaf of bread covered in creamy chocolate and the taste and smell of caramel, your mind just forgets everything else and hungers to grab a piece of it. There are some bakeries in Singapore that serves exotic food. Here are ten of them you must visit to give a treat to your taste buds:

1. Maison Kayser  The most highlighted food here is the bread named Delice Blanc which has white chocolate baked in the dough of the bread that looks like brioche. It is the most delicious item and is affordable too. It costs only $3.45 per piece.

2.Provence : There is a soft bun like item sold by these bakers that is the most favorite one for all the customers. It is called wassant and looks like croissants, but is less flaky. The flavors of wassant include chocolate, butter and kaya. 3. Tiong Bahru  : The soft and buttery croissants served by Tiong Bahru are the most delicious item here. These are less flaky than the traditional ones. Also, the bakery looks very stylish and provides a good ambience for having food.  

4.Sun Moulin : The Japanese food item called Mochi bread is made exotically in this bakery. The best flavor available here is the chocolate mocha bread which is rich in chocolate and is really worth your money. It tastes best when it is served hot. Other flavors of mocha bread include soy and green tea.

5.Barcook : This is one of the best bakeries in Singapore that serves delicious Raisin Cream Cheese buns. The cheese is slightly sugary in taste and the sweet raisins are topped on it and dotted. The bread is very soft to eat and is not sour like the traditional ones.

6.Dolcetto :  This bakery is owned by Bacilico. Dolcetto serves some of the best squid ink pastas in Singapore. The bread of the pasta is very soft and aromatic too. Other ingredients like pine nuts, tomatoes, olives and sea salt add to the taste of the bread. Pumpkin bread loaf is another highlight item of the bakery. 7.Baker and Cook : If you are a cookie lover, then, you must surely visit this place. It serves some of the exotic goodies, treats and breads in the town. Also, the coffee here is sure the best. It costs $5 per cappuccino, but is surely worth your money.

8.Plain Vanilla : Here, every bakery item is worth a try. But, the best one is the cake named Red Velvet which has a cream cheese frosted on the cake that tastes really sweet. Other highlight items include cookies and cream and their special carrot cake.

9.Ciel Patisserie : If you really want to try something worth your money, then, go for the Sel which is fluffy and light filled with chocolate and butter. It is highly affordable and costs only $4.80per piece. Another item worth a try is the Strawberry shortcake that costs $5.60. It is made of fresh strawberries and sweetened cream.

10.Swirls Bake : This was started recently but has become one of the best bakeries in Singapore now. They make different special items monthly and weekly that are sold at discount rates. The best foods here are the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough which is a delicious cupcake and the Go Bananas.

So, give a treat to your tongue by visiting these bakeries in Singapore.

Disclaimer: The data provided here is based on the facts and research using available sources. As the data is made available on "as is" basis and subject to change anytime. This website shall not be liable for any discrepancy found in the data on our site and actual figures.

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