Top 10 Bloggers in Singapore

The rate of broadband penetration and/or connectivity in Singapore is more than 99% with over 9 million broadband internet users. So, it follows that the online community in the city-state is very active. Furthermore, it does not need to be explicitly mentioned that the bloggers in Singapore are undoubtedly one of the most significant stakeholders in the nation’s virtual or online world. However, if one is required to make a list of top 10 or top 20 bloggers then that individual will have to sift through numerous URL links and websites making the task extremely onerous. Moreover such a list would be subjective at best. Nevertheless, an attempt has been made to present a list of top 10 bloggers in Singapore (based on Alexa rankings) that is quite transparent.

1.Ladyironchef  (Food Blog): Contrary to what you might think, the owner of the is not a woman but a man with the name Brad Lau who happens to be an inveterate food blogger. His blog at times attracts traffic of more than 2 million visitors. The fact that he posts stunning pictures of dishes (which he photographs himself) in his blogs is the main reason why he gets such a high volume of traffic. 

  2. PassportChop (Travel Blog): PassportChop was started by the husband-wife team of Tingi and Zhiqiang in 2009. PassportChop is an extraordinary travel portal that contains blogs on exotic tourist spots they’ve been to complete with details about sightseeing places, hotels and eateries. More than 50% of the visitors are non-Singaporeans.

3. Viva Woman (Beauty/Fashion Blog): Viva Women occupies the top slot amongst all frontline blogs dedicated to fashion and beauty. is owned and operated by Sesame. She is a skincare aficionado and takes an avid interest in the ingredients that go into organic skincare products.

4.  Mitsueki (Food, Fashion and Lifestyle Blog): Mitsueki is another well known blogger as her site generates a lot of traffic. Her blogging interests ranges from fashion to lifestyle and from food items to current affairs. Her blogs almost always make it to the top during SERP (search engine ranking pages) drives by renowned search engines like Google and Yahoo as they are very SEO friendly.   

  5.TravelerFolio (Travel & Tourism Blog): Eunice who runs the TravelerFolio blog site is a global blogger with a local touch. She keeps travelling throughout the world that has helped her in establish a varied and eclectic collection of travel blogs in the past few years. She is a winner of the Super Blogger award.

6. The J Babies (Parenting Blog): Her blog site ‘The J Babies’ that exclusively focuses on parenting issues attracts the maximum volume of traffic amongst all parenting websites. Her blog postings contain a wealth of information that parents of young kids and would-be parents find very useful.

7. ieatishootipost (Gourmet Blog): : Dr Leslie Tay administers the site He actually is a physician who attends to his family clinic. He is a connoisseur on street food served in Singapore and has of late published a couple of guide books on Singapore’s street food. He is a prolific blog writer.

8. Qiu Qiu (Fashion Blog):Qiu Qiu is the presenter of the Budget Barbie show sponsored by Clicknetwork TV. She searches for quality fashion deals on this show. She also is the owner of the magazine “Q Weekly”. Her blogs are always a good read.

9. Ed Unloaded (Parenting Blog) :Edmund who owns this blog is a man of many parts. He is a pastor and a marriage solemniser. He is also a very devoted family man who dotes on his three kids. In his blogs, he specially focuses on places of historical interests that parents can visit along with their children.

10. Xiaxue (Lifestyle and Current Affairs Blog): Wendy via her site has been created waves since she went public with the same. She has been literally minting money since the time when blogging was just a hobby for most. She writes blogs on almost every topic or subject matter starting from current affairs to beauty and lifestyle and what not. It is her penetrative writing and her candid approach that makes her click.   

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