Top 10 BPOs in Singapore

Singapore is well acknowledged as a hub of business among multifarious industries. Singapore offers second-highest per capita income worldwide. Big companies from the countries like US and UK are enchanted by the colossal business market at Singapore. It serves as an endeavor to the companies for getting good business. Singapore has its own glory when it comes to business and technology. It provides meritorious facilities, infrastructure, educational system, political environment etc. IT giants like Microsoft, SAP and Google also have their existence in Singapore. They convene here to heighten their business by establishing cordial relationships with BPO companies. Business process outsourcing is the process of handing over the responsibility of various business processes to third party.

More popular amongst the many bars of Singapore are:

1. ECHO Broadband: ECHO Broadband helps you to aggrandize the resilience of your business in global market. It was founded in 2000 for serving a European television market. It subsumes emulous IT professionals, geographers and network engineers that ensure the best customer service.

2. Trusted Hub Limited: It is a leading business service provider based in Singapore. They have clients from multitudinous industries like telecommunications, retail, transportation, health care, financial industry etc. Over the past few years a remarkable enhancement in the productivity has been seen. Trusted Hub Limited allows various companies to enjoy the BPO services at lower costs.

3. Abacus BPO Services: It is one of the most famous and trusted BPO Company in Singapore. It ensures the flourishing startup of business and future aplomb by providing escalating services. It is also recognized as the private business incubator that has business process outsourcing as its main focus. Intelligent digital technology is used to form the extensive market network by Abacus BPO services.

4. Antasis Pte Ltd: They have exceptional call center services. They provide almost every sort of service like sales, audit, order taking, PC management issues, cash flow maintenance, database maintenance, IT outsourcing and consultation services etc.

5. Auxineon Pte Ltd: Auxineon Pte Ltd is a leading solution service provider that prepares industries to set up their own sales and marketing, research and development department and helps them to run these departments. It is the first company to introduce the term insourcing. Their focus is insourcing instead of outsourcing. It is based on an exclusive business model.

6. Briley Group: Briley Group is a privately owned multinational company that provides remarkable outsourcing services to its clients. The atmosphere of the company evidently reflects the professionalism with which they work for their clients. It is spread over a huge geographical area that covers almost every part of the world.

7. G K Goh Holdings Group: It is an investment company. It was founded in 1979 in Singapore. It has grown as non-bank Security Company in early twentieth century in Southeast Asia. The company named Boardroom limited is owned by G K Goh Holdings Group that performs business process outsourcing in the countries like China, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. They deal with foreign exchange brokerage in Singapore.

8. Matador Systems Pte Ltd: It is the world’s largest solution provider. Matador Systems has its headquarters in Singapore. It offers the services like IT staffing, IT outsourcing, software development, system implementation etc. It is currently serving eleven countries in Asia. It has a dynamic team of professionals who are responsible for its esteemed eminence. They have ten years of record of having persistent amplifying growth.

9. Mentor Media Ltd: It was founded in 1984 and was supposed to engage in the design automation for electronics manufacturing. But later on it grow as a solution provider giant. They provide high value added services, commitment in delivery of services, customer-focused operations etc. It is specialized in outsourcing primarily for IT companies.

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