Top Ten Buildings in Singapore

One of the fastest and strongest developed nations, this island country of Singapore boasts more than 4,300 completed skyscrapers! Most of these skyscrapers are interestingly located in the Downtown core area of Singapore.

There are almost half a century skyscrapers which are more than 459 ft high! But due to aviation risks because of the vicinity of Singapore Changi Airport the maximum height of skyscrapers are restricted to 919ft, and amazingly there are not one, but three buildings of that height. These architecturally designed high rises towered over the entire city makes this place look even more spectacular.

Amongst the odd 4300 high rises, the top ten tallest buildings in Singapore are:

1. Republic Plaza:This 280 meters high rise is amongst the three tallest buildings of Singapore. It is located in the heart of the Singaporean business district and was originally designed to showcase the Oriental influence. What is unique about the building is that it is turned at an axis of 45 degrees from the level of the ground floor to get ocean view from its upper floors.

2. Overseas Union Bank Centre:Alain Robert, the Frenchman renowned for his strange hobby of climbing skyscrapers is partly responsible for publicizing this structure. OUB Centre has a dramatic entrance with a cutaway 8 storey high, coupled with lighting effects and skylight that give it an airy feel. It was the tallest building of Asia for 4 years (1985-1989) until Hong Kong's Bank of China Tower replaced it.

3. United Overseas Bank Plaza One:One of the three tallest sky scrapers in Singapore, the base of this building is octagonal and tapers with a square finish at the top. The sky lobby on the 37th and 38th floors gives a panoramic view of this splendid city. It has been the subject of controversy because of the presence of a mosque in its basement.

4. Capital Tower: Gracing Singapore's high rises as the fourth tallest building is the Capital Tower. Its most remarkable feature is the presence of the five shuttle elevators that function with a speed of 5m/sec and have a capacity of 1770kgs.

5. One Raffles Quay North Tower: Located at the Raffles Place, this high rise is home to a number of international banks. It is synonymous with class and magnificence. It has been awarded the Green Mark Gold Award for the sustainable features it possesses.

6. Marina Bay Financial Sector:This sky scraper at the marina bay is amongst the tallest buildings in this city and is mostly commercially used. It is a group of six towers- two residential, one commercial and three for official purposes. It has been the beneficiary of many awards.

7. The Sail @ Marina Bay Tower:The tallest residential building in the city, this tower stands at a height of 804sq.ft surpassing the Icon Loft Tower 2 which was the previous record holder.

8. OFC:The Ocean Financial Centre is a hub of a large number of financial corporations in the city. It promotes sustainable development by promoting the use of solar energy, which is the need of the hour.

9. Marina Bay Financial Tower 3:Yet to be completed, it is assumed that on completion it will the largest commercial building in Singapore. NTUC's food loft, a DBS auditorium and the Rotisserie are the highlights of this tower. † †

10. Shenton Way:Sold to MGPA for S$1.04 billion by CapitaLand Limited, this skyscraper provides a 360 degree birdís view and has 16 double decker lifts. Currently, this prominent building in the commercial district is the tallest cylindrical building in the world.

These high rises towering over the city, add to the beauty and splendor to an already charming island country. That day is not too far away when Singapore steals the tag of "the city of the skyscrapers" from New York City

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