Top 10 Education Courses in Singapore

Singapore had always been popular as a top notch destination for travellers from all over the world. But of late, since the last two or three decades, it has come up fast as a major academic hub as the nation is able to offer the optimum environment and infrastructure required for education.

Singapore has quickly earned fame for offering world-class education as one finds many well known universities, colleges, and other academic institutions of repute from all over world having a highly organized set up here. Singapore is home to nearly 86,000 overseas students who have chosen to pursue an academic program here for furthering their career prospects.

International students get to choose from a diverse and rich variety of quality educational programs ranging from computer science, engineering, applied and pure science to business & management, healthcare sciences to creative arts & design. A profile of Top 10 Educational Courses in Singapore has been outlined below.

Applied and Pure Science Courses:

There are many colleges and universities in Singapore that offer about 465 different types of Applied and Pure Science Courses. Some of the popular academic institutes offering such courses are Nanyang Technological University, Melior International College, National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University, and so on. Some of the sought after study programs under this category are MSc in Financial Engineering, PhD in Bioengineering, B.Sc. (Honours) in Life Sciences with specialization in biomedical science and environmental biology. One can choose from a basket of certificate and diploma courses.

Business & Management:

One can choose from an extensive array of approximately 3216 business & management courses. Most students are interested in pursuing B.Com in Hospitality and Tourism Management, and Management (double major), Bachelors of Business with majors in Management and Marketing, Marketing and Tourism. Other popular courses are B.A. in Fashion and Marketing, Visual Communication with Business, Advanced Diploma in Business Administration, and so on. Kaplan Higher Education Academy, ERC Institute, PSB Academy, and SDH Institute are some reputed institutes teaching business & management programs.

Computer Science and IT Courses :

Whether one is an aspiring graduate or a professional intending to increase his or her job prospects, one can choose from a wide ensemble of 1003 computer science and IT courses. Nanyang Polytechnic, SMU, MDIS (Management Development Institute of Singapore), National University of Singapore, and MAGES institute of Excellence offer a variety of computer science and IT courses including BSc in Computer Science and Business Information System, PGD in Game Design, BSc in Information Technology and so on.  

Creative Arts and Design :

One can choose from an eclectic array of 590 courses under the category of Creative Arts and Design the popular ones being programs in animation, game design, dance, design and media, interior design, product design, and fashion design. Nanyang Institute of Fine Arts (NAFA), LaSalle College of the Arts, and MAGES institute of excellence are some establishments offering these programs.

Education and Training :

ICAS Training and Education College (ICASTEC), James Cook University Singapore, Informatics Academy, Republic Polytechnic, and Kaplan Higher Education Academy are some noted educational institutes that have the infrastructure to offer Education and Training programs. Well-liked courses include graduate certificate for career development, international foundation program, diploma in child psychology, and early education, and so on. There are about 694 education and training courses.

Engineering Courses :

Of the nearly 749 engineering disciplines, the ones that see the highest number of admissions are electrical, mechanical, civil (industrial orientation), environmental (industrial orientation), electronics, aerospace avionics, and biomedical engineering. PSB Academy, and Singapore Polytechnic are some famous establishments proffering engineering programs.

English Language :

There are just about 60 colleges and universities offering about 338 English language courses. The main course types are general English, business English, Cambridge English, Vacation English, Teaching English, preparatory English (for examinations), and online English study.

Health and Medicine:

There are 33 academies and institutes offering roughly 660 diverse health and medicine courses. Study programs in psychology, human resource management, art therapy, pharmacy, biomedical electronics, medical laboratory technology, diagnostic radiotherapy, and optometry are highly popular.


There are 14 colleges and universities offering around 373 programs in humanities. Intercultural studies, Christian studies, Chinese Language and Literature, English, Chinese Media and Communication, and MBA study programs see maximum number of admissions.

Personal Care & Fitness:

There are 10 academic organizations that offer nearly 440 personal care & fitness courses between themselves. Courses in casino club games I & II, outdoor and adventure learning, wellness, lifestyle and spa management, game development option, fashion, theatre and media make up, and hair styling are all the rage.

Disclaimer: The data provided here is based on the facts and research using available sources. As the data is made available on "as is" basis and subject to change anytime. This website shall not be liable for any discrepancy found in the data on our site and actual figures.

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