The 10 Most Expensive Houses in Singapore

Singapore is a posh and glamorous city. Apart from being an accomplished business hub, this luxurious city deals with different interests.

The plushy life led by millionaires of Singapore is reflected through the most expensive residences on this land, some of which are traditional, whereas others are newly built.

Each house in the list is worth multi millions. Singapore has the plushiest hotels and casinos in the world, but expensive homes and lavish residences is just an addition to the cityís charisma.

Widespread and high buildings with vast orchards and other posh amenities are common here. However, here is an exclusive view of toppers in the list.

For instance, numerous reputed colleges and academic institutions were established that offered undergraduate as well as postgraduate engineering programs along with certificate and diploma courses.

Rank 10-6

The tenth most expensive house in Singapore is worth $48 million. It is a typical colonially formatted residence that has been erected on a vast land of 32,080 square foot. The area possesses a two storey colonial residence of eight bedrooms and a newly erected residence of two and a half storey with eight bedrooms. There lies an outhouse for lodgings with driverís room and two maid rooms. The land costs $1,496 in each of its square foot and is located aside Victoria Park Road

The ninth costliest house in the city is one that is located on Queen Astrid Park Region. The land extends about 40,500 square feet. This beats the former only by .5 million. The residence is occupied with a garden, two luxurious swimming pools, nine washrooms and ten bedrooms. Each square foot of this plot is worth $1,198.

A high glass bungalow grabs the eighth position. This is situated at Victoria Park on an area of 32,088 square feet. There are two high-end residences of 8000 square feet each. One of these posh homes has six bedrooms, whereas the other is equipped with five bedrooms. The land is worth 50.5 million, with each of its square foot at a budget of $1,656.

The seventh position belongs to a tropical fashioned bungalow worth $52 million. Covering an area of 22,000 square feet, this posh house is situated at Bishopsgate. The bungalow has seven luxurious bedrooms, a splendid swimming pool and a lovely garden. In the sixth position lies a splendid bungalow of the Holland area, which crosses a budget of $53 million. A vast land of 32,000 square feet bears a platform for this building. Each square foot of this decorative land is of $1.656.

In the fifth place is a colonially designed bungalow of $55 million. The bungalow is situated on a land of 43,927 square feet aside the Leedon Road. The building possesses five washrooms and six bedrooms.† The building occupies only 6000 square feet of the entire plot, allotting you a vast and variety garden and a posh swimming pool.

A high-end residence occupies the fourth place. The building is situated in the commune of Leedon Park. The base of this building measures 42,000 square feet, with only 17,000 square feet of it being covered by the house. The house possesses six bedrooms and also has baby pool and lap pool. Each square foot of this extended region is worth $1,381.

The third place belongs to a decorative sea-view bungalow in Sentosa, worth a $60 million. This beautiful building is erected on an area of 20,000 square feet. Each square foot of this coastal resort land is worth $3,158.

The second position is honored to a seven bedroom bungalow placed on an area of 41,852 square feet. Each square foot of this expensive land is of $1.744. The built up area measures about 15,500 square feet with a broad facade of a swimming pool, a garage and two automatic gates.

And, the winner is worth a $90 million constructed on a vast region of 45,000 square feet with each square foot priced at a whopping $2000. The bungalow is located aside Nassim Road. The built up area is only of 20,000 square feet, allotting you nine washrooms and ten bedrooms.

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