Top Ten Famous People in Singapore on Twitter

Social media networking is a good source to connect to people and in case of celebrities; their popularity is determined by their online activities. People follow their super stars on twitter and make friends on facebook. Let us follow top ten celebrities from Singapore on twitter:

1. Andre Chiang: Andre Chiang is the top rated chef of Singapore who churns up lip smacking recipes for the people of Singapore and expats at Jaan Par Andre at Swisstol the Stamford. The chef has brought in accolades to the hotel with his magical recipes and herbs. He has won the top chef award of 2012 and his restaurant has been awarded as Best resto, Chef’s choice and best resto Media’s choice. He can be followed on twitter @ChefAndreChiang.

2.  Dick Lee: He is musician composer, play writer, socialite, jewelry designer, and Singapore Idol judge. He is a multifaceted personality and is very famous in Singapore. The talented Lee is better known as The Mad china man among young Singaporean. He can be followed on twitter @madchinaman

3. Nadya Hutagalung: She is better known as MTV face in Singapore. However, this pretty face is more than a VJ she is a supermodel, socialist, actor and eco warrior. Nadya is the most popular face in Asia and she is the brand ambassador for Singapore World Wild Life fund’s earth hour. Green kampong is one of her successful online project for people who want to seek information on sustainable living. You can follow her on twitter at @nadyahutagalung

4.Denise Keller: she is the MTV VJ, most searched face among Singaporean young men after she won the reality show Eye for a Guy 2.The reality show was a dating television series, and she won it with her good looks and charm. She is a leading model for many men’s magazines now and she can followed on twitter @denisekeller.

5. Ashley Isham: : He is the top designer from Singapore who works for the likes of Hollywood actors and International super models. He has launched his own designer brand at Singapore as Ashley. He is known for his innovative designs and great style sense. You can follow him on twitter @AshleyIsham_SG

6. Daniel Boey: He is the most sought after person in Singapore fashion circles, no one can take fashion runway like him, he produces, and designs fashion shows at local fashion festivals and at international fashion week. He can be followed on twitter @_danielboey.

7.Vernetta Lopez: She is the famous actor from Singapore sitcom comedy “Under one roof”. Her character as Denise made her a popular figure in Singaporean homes. Apart from acting in serial, this young woman is an entrepreneur, VJ, and host to many television programs and events. She meets her fan every weekday on class95fm.She owns a wedding planning company Eternally Yours. You can follow her on twitter @vernettalopezr

8.Seelan Palay: He is a young Singaporean filmmaker with a cause. He works on socio political drams and uses art to promote his ideas and has himself earned a name of Rebel with a mission. His film “One Nation Under Lee” brought him accolades from all over Singapore. He can followed on twitter @seelanpalay.

9.KF Seetoh: He is the examiner of Singaporean food guide” hawker food” to locals and tourists from all over world. People follow his advice on the street food and a food stall ticked by Makansutra approval is must try on tourists mind. The tourism Ministry of Singapore has awarded him as “Food Ambassador” for Singapore. He can be followed on twitter@makansutra.  

10.Cheong Koon Hean: She is the one who made modern Singapore what it is today she has taken up many ambitious projects in property development, which include Marina Bay. She is the most sought after planner who made the power city Singapore that never sleeps. She can be followed on twitter @dpu_ucl.  

Disclaimer: The data provided here is based on the facts and research using available sources. As the data is made available on "as is" basis and subject to change anytime. This website shall not be liable for any discrepancy found in the data on our site and actual figures.

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