Top 10 Fashion Brands in Singapore

Singapore has not just been a home to the world’s fourth largest economy; it has also launched itself amongst the “Top 10 fashion capitals of the world”. This fact is well supported by the ease with which Singapore has accommodated international brands from all over the globe, along with encouraging its own local talented arts and designers. It has turned in to one stop shop destination for the tourists from all over the world. The lion city has gained a huge market value where world renowned designers are just waiting to dig in. Singapore is a shopper’s paradise for all the fashionistas and even the fashion followers.

1.Charles & Keith: Founded in 1996 by brothers Charles and Keith Wong, this shoe label continues to be Singapore’s favorite with its distinct line of products and innovative designs. The high quality leather and the intriguing designs of bags and footwear are almost hard to resist. This eponymous brand has been determined to provide its customers with high quality, fashion-forward and functional designs collection after collection, that leaves them coming back for more.

2. Carrie K: With the art of invention almost wiping out of the world, Carrie K believes in putting forth a display of her fabulous handmade jewellery collection and even artisan trunks. Reviving the art of handmade jewellery, Carrie K collection is sure to stun you with its extraordinary detailing and high degree of creativity.

3. Emblem: The Emblem boutique has an exquisite collection of handbags and shoes. The artists at Emblem focus at using locally available materials and transform them into highly functional and aesthetic designs, which are a treat for fashion lovers. With a mission to embellish the contemporary artwork with the skills of the Asian Craftsmen, the brand continues to create classic accessories with a hint of vintage.

4. Depression: This clothing line is anything but depressing. The founders Andrew Loh and Kenny Lim have done a great job creating this label, which balances a multitude of vibrant rainbow colors and the subtle hues. The collection portrays dramatic and playful components alike, creating a resonance between daring and fun look.

5. Hennes & Mauritz: H&M provides fashion and quality at the best possible price. With concerns for the environment, H&M uses materials that are ecofriendly and sustainable. It is one of the largest consumers of organic cotton, which not only provides a comfortable fashion, but is also environment friendly. Also, the label has tie ups with brands like Jimmy Choo, Lanvin etc. that are wiped off the shelves within hours of release.

6. Louis Vuitton: The brand has for long been associated with celebrities and elite class members of the society. The brand is world renowned for its usual men, women and children collection of clothing and accessories, but surprisingly the brand has a LV bookstore and even exihibits fine jewllery, travel accessories and art.

7. Michel Kors boutique: The boutique by the “Project Runway” judge displays an inclusive collection of clothing and accessories for men and women from Michael Kors different collections from all over the world.

8. Ong Shunmugam:The lawyer turned designer, Priscilla Shunmugam has a way with the fabric, which well reflected by her exemplary clothing line. Mostly famous for fitting batik a skirt, the designer has successfully designed clothes that can appropriately fit almost anybody type; lending grace and beauty to the adorer.

9. Giordano: Founded by Jimmy Lai, the company specializes in providing Men’s, Women’s and Children’s T-shirts, trousers (denims) and other casual wears. The company focuses on a "less is more" approach, which is relished and praised by the adorers.

10. Sabrina Goh: This Singapore based fashion designer draws her inspiration from the architectural forms, in order to create some of the most sensuous silhouettes that bring out the confidence of the adorer.  

Disclaimer: The data provided here is based on the facts and research using available sources. As the data is made available on "as is" basis and subject to change anytime. This website shall not be liable for any discrepancy found in the data on our site and actual figures.

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