Top 10 Foods to Eat in Singapore

Want to know about the yummy delicacies of Singapore? A multicultural territory, with different cultures co-existing harmoniously on the same island country has sure got to throw some wonderful mix of recipes as Singaporeís favorite. A trip to Singapore isnít complete if your taste buds havenít got tickled with any of these mouth watering dishes! Hereís the list of top 10 foods to eat in Singapore:

1.Chilli Crab : This is the iconic dish of Singapore and one of the best among all the sea foods available here. Nothing can give a better taste than the stir fried crabs and tomato sauce with chilli flavor. Locals as well as vacationers have a great demand for this dish.

2.Kaya Toast : Kaya Toast is one of those unique foods that give a different meaning to Singaporean cuisines. Kaya is a coconut jam which comprises of coconut milk, egg, pandan leaf and sugar. This goes very well in the morning and evening along with coffee and tea.

3.Laksa : Another mouth savoring Singaporean cuisine! Laksa is a coconut curry soup with rice noodles as the primary ingredient and fish and shrimp as the secondary ingredient. It has a very unique taste, owing to the Laksa leaves, which sure to be found nowhere!

4.Chicken Rice: Local people call it as Hainanese Chicken Rice and this is one of the favorites of Singaporeans. This is a very unique cuisine unlike to the chicken dishes of other parts of Asia.

5.Sugar Cane Juice : If you have a sip of sugar cane juice at Singapore, it would seem that Singaporeans really have different taste buds than their other Asian counterparts. Freshly ground sugar cane juice with an added flavor of lemon juice is much more refreshing than any branded colas and soft drinks available!

6.Popiah, Spring Roll : Popiah is the Singaporean variant of the Chinese spring rolls. Unlike the others, this roll has a thicker crepe and has a healthy stuffing of sprouted beans, fried vegetables, egg and meat.

7.Char Kway Teow: This is one of the tasty and unique dishes of Singapore confined to the country only. It is a fried noodle, which is a must eat if you are on a trip to Singapore. Rice noodles are fried with extra oil, sauce, eggs, and bean sprouts and give a semi sweet taste to the food. Since it is very to hard to cook, it is recommended to go for a reputed place to enjoy this delicacy. †

8.Dai Pau: In local language, Dai Pau is called as bigger bun. It is a yummy food for all age group and contains chicken and eggs as the stuffing and is also flavored with different types of herbs and spices.

9.Ba Zhang : While Chinese have this during their Dragon festival, Singaporeans can't help giving it a bite throughout the year. These the glutinous rice steamed after being wrapped thoroughly in pandan leaves.

10.Ice Kanang : A must eat dessert of Singapore! This is a variant of the usual icy desserts you have. It's a bit exceptional rather rare! It's entirely made up of evaporated milk, some very unique toppings and palm sugar. Your hunt for the best cuisines of Singapore would definitely remain incomplete without having this dessert.

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