Top 10 health resorts in Singapore

Singapore is known for some of the best health resorts and spas that offer unique and tantalizing services for unwinding. The top 10 health resorts and spas are listed below.

1. Alleviate Fish Spa:Here at Alleviate Fish Spa, you can submerge your feet in the pool, where fish will massage your feet with their mouths.  It is an amazing experience watching the silver colored fish moving here and there in a panicky style.  It is just next to the Chinatown MRT station.  It has eight individual tanks with more than hundred “fish masseurs” in every tank.

2.Auriga Spa: It is also one of the top-rated spas in Singapore, which offers unmatched luxury.  The luxurious experience begins with your first step in.  You're welcome to comfortable changing rooms and then taken to different treatments available here.  This is one of the spas, which offers unmatched privacy and offers treatments that are conducted enclosed indoors.  It is famous for moon treatments, which are based on the energies of the lunar cycle.

3. Qi Mantra: This spa specializes in deep tissue massage, which relaxes your muscular knots and stiffness formed because of irregular work and inappropriate postures.  It is based on ancient Chinese acupressure techniques, which are conducted by the trained professionals and not the fresh masseurs.  The Star Blast massage that works magically for your shoulders and back pain is available for as little as US$80 for one hour.

4.  Spa Botanica : It’s a garden spa, which is spread over more than 6000 ft.² near the Sentosa Hotel.  It has natural ambiance with greenery, waterfalls, therapeutic walk on tiles and a mud pool.  It has two different areas, designated as unisex and ladies only areas.  The bamboo massage is available for US$180 for one hour.

5.  Chi Spa :  Shangri-La's Garden Wing has been renovated into Chai Spa. You need to get your seat reserved as the number of treatment rooms is limited.  Couple rooms are also available.  It is more like a city spa, with spacious rooms and a relaxation lounge, where you can also get tea and snacks.  Different types of massage sessions are available according to your immediate problem or need.

6.  Remede Spa: It is the extension of Remede facility present in the US.  There are various exciting pampering treatments available here that include marble chambers with eucalyptus fragrance and ice fountains, etc. The healing and body repairing jade-centric massage and the facial is available for just $290. 

7.  Willow Stream Spa: This facility offers ample opportunities for hot and cold baths and swimming in its pools.  You can also spend around half of your day relaxing inside the facility, both prior to and after the treatment with multiple sauna services.  The Rose Retreat will cost you $290 and stone massage is available for just $270.  Another exciting product is shoppers' relief massage which is aimed to relax your feet and shoulder muscles.

8. Banyan Tree: This is a spa, which offers some of the best panoramic views of the city.  Located in the Marina Bay Sands in a high-rise building, it offers amazing interiors and indulgent treats.  The facility includes 35 rooms offering the views of the city.  It offers the exotic treatment card the Peace of Mind, which is completely terrific and is available for $400.

9.  Spa Artisan: Situated in the famous Fullerton Hotel, this is a completely urban massage center.  It is ideal for the people who want a quick massage during their busy schedules, shuttling here and there.  You can get an aroma Rich massage in just one hour for as little as one $180.  You can also choose oils such as Italian Blood Orange for enhanced relaxing effect.

10.  G. Spa: Though, it is located in an old and rusty building in Guillemard Village, it is a tourists' pleasure as far as a relaxation and massage is concerned. G Spa is an indoor resort, which is considered to be the biggest indoor spa in Singapore with an indoor area of around 25,000 ft² with 25 rooms and more than 20 different treatments this is the heaven for the spa lovers, with Turkish hammam.

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